What is a Nursing Home, and Are They Only for the Sick?

Are you recovering from an illness or surgery?

Do you have escalating health issues that require a high level of medical care?

What is a Nursing Home, and Are They Only for the Sick?You may consider a skilled nursing facility over in-home services because they are equipped to care for recovering patients as well as individuals with a debilitating illness. However, a lack of understanding and knowledge about the level of senior nursing homes can prevent you from considering this option. The dedicated and experienced team at our skilled nursing facility in Rhode Island explains the type of care that nursing homes provide and when you should consider them.

Type of Care a Skilled Nursing Facility Provides

Skilled nursing facilities offer comprehensive rehab care for individuals recovering from surgery or illness and long-term care for seniors who are terminally ill. Services can be classified into five categories as follows:

  • Medical Care – typically includes overseeing medication and treatment prescribed by your healthcare provider or onsite professionals. You will have customized plans which cater to unique patient health needs. Some nursing facilities also provide dementia care.
  • Nursing Care – involves the administration of medication and injections and wound care when needed. It also includes patient monitoring and assessments.
  • Rehabilitation Services – aim to help you regain lost mobility or adjust to your infirmities for a safe return to your home. It includes various types of therapies, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy and post-stroke and cardiac care.
  • Personal Care – includes assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, using the toilet, dressing, eating, and walking.
  • Hospice Care – caters to individuals nearing the end of life. The emphasis is on providing comfort and reducing suffering in the last days.

Why is a Skilled Nursing Facility a Good Idea?

Getting in-home care means turning yourself over to strangers. This arrangement might also be temporary as needs can change quickly because of a debilitating or deteriorating medical condition and age. On the other hand, nursing homes cater to seniors who need constant monitoring and medical attention. They have the facilities to help you regain your strength and health before the situation worsens.

Benefits of a Skilled Nursing Home for Seniors

  • Nursing homes assist with daily activities, including personal care and medication management.
  • You will have 24/7 care by trained staff and access to immediate professional attention for any health concerns.
  • They have qualified staff to take care of housekeeping responsibilities.
  • They have nutrition specialists and experienced chefs to prepare healthy and balanced meals.
  • You can find like-minded people and will have the company of other residents sharing similar interests.
  • Many nursing homes provide recreational activities to keep you engaged and active.
  • You will have peace of mind that skilled professionals are readily available to take care of you.

When Should You Move into a Skilled Nursing Home in Rhode Island?

Medical Issues

When your escalating medical needs are difficult to meet at home or need 24-hour supervision, you should consider a nursing home. Although it is an emotionally difficult decision to make, it helps to remember that coping with a progressive physical or mental illness is not easy.

Post-Hospitalization Care

If you need rehabilitative care post-hospitalization, recovering at a nursing home with onsite rehabilitation facilities can help you regain independent functioning faster and better. Today’s nursing homes offer 24-hour care and supervision. They also have planned activities, entertainment, and many opportunities for you to socialize.


If you need help with several daily activities, managing medication, and special conditions such as diabetes, home care can be more expensive. In this situation, it is beneficial to consider moving into a nursing care facility.

Small Changes

If you have become less steady on your feet, are unable to assist your caregivers with transfers, and notice problems that can become a hindrance for you, a nursing home may be the best option for you to improve your health.

Moving into Our Skilled Nursing Facility in Rhode Island

What is a Nursing Home, and Are They Only for the Sick?At The Holiday Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Manville, Rhode Island, we look after you with the same dedication, respect, and compassion that we would offer to our own. We have been providing top-quality care for families since 1973 with state-of-the-art nursing and rehabilitation facilities and customized care plans to help us meet the unique needs of each resident.  Whether you need rehabilitation after surgery or an illness, long-term or respite care, our trained staff provides 24-hour dedicated care.

We offer the following advantages:

Affordable Nursing Home in Rhode Island

We provide a long-term comfortable facility at the best rates. The price of owning or renting a house includes mortgage costs, electricity, gas, food, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses. Factor in the price of home care service, and you will find that moving into a skilled nursing facility such as The Holiday can be cheaper.

Convenient Location

Located in a beautiful, seven-acre setting in Rhode Island, you can easily access our skilled nursing and rehabilitation center from Route 99, a short distance from Providence. We have Landmark Hospital and local pharmacies within minutes from our community.

Thoughtful Infrastructure

Our facility has spacious common areas with high ceilings and a cozy atmosphere. We offer around 2000 square feet of gym space with all the amenities needed to help our residents recover quickly and work towards regaining their energy and strength. We have a separate wing to cater to the short-term residents. Our community also includes a large, comfortable dining room and a smaller, home-like space for dining.

Coordinated Activities

At our family-owned nursing home in Rhode Island, we treat residents with compassion, love, respect, and dignity. We conduct physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional programs for overall well-being. Our staff work to ensure all our residents are happy, comfortable, and have the opportunity to live life to their fullest potential.

Excellent Services & Amenities

At The Holiday Retirement, we offer short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and respite care to meet the varied needs of seniors. It is a better and alternative to in-home care with dedicated staff.

Learn More About Our Skilled Nursing Facility

If you need extra care or attention, let The Holiday Skilled Nursing Home in Rhode Island help you. You can call us at 1-401-765-1440 for more details about our facility. You can also fill out our online form to book a tour.

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