The Holiday Retirement – West Hartford, CT


“I’m very content and just so comfortable with the homey feel of the Holiday. I feel safer here than if I lived at an apartment complex by myself. When Jeanne [The Owner] brings in her dog Kona… My day is brighter. Also I’m thrilled that Evelyn [Activities Director] is carrying on many of the activities like those when I worked at the north Hartford senior center.”
– Mary Brown, Current Resident

“When I was living alone in my apartment in West Hartford, I had some falls and even broke my hip.  After my rehab, I visited the Holiday and said {to myself} ‘This is for me. This is so affordable’. The staff takes care of my meals, housekeeping, and laundry while I have more time to enjoy lots of reading.”
– Marion Horan, Current Resident

“My mom worked at the Holiday for about 15 years. When she needed some help, we toured a few places but picked the Holiday because it really feels like home. The staff is so unbelievably supportive and caring. A family-run business has a true family value system and everything is focused ultimately on the residents.”
– Roger Cyr, Son of a Resident

“I can not say enough about how wonderful the staff is to my mother and how comfortable I am knowing my mother lives at The Holiday.”
– Attorney Barbara Collins, Daughter of a Resident

“My mom needed a short term stay before returning home from rehab. I called West Hartford social services and was given some options to consider. I chose the Holiday from among the places I visited. Their respite program is just what she needed. The staff were there for my mom everyday during her five week stay. It was such a positive experience.”
– Martha Conneely, Daughter of a Respite Resident

“I think people grow there. I see such a change in my mom. She is relaxing and becoming more and more her best self. She feels free to do that here. It’s been such a healing place, not just for her but for the rest of the family.”
– Ginnie Christiansen, West Hartford

“I’m just so comfortable with it, the people here and the staff. They’re friendly and the care. I would highly recommend it to others.”
– Maureen Mancini, Avon

“We’re delighted! The residents are given a quality life with the least interference. They’re allowed to be whatever they want and have their personalities shine through.”
– Helen Welch, South Windsor

“My daughter who is a social worker did the footwork for me because I didn’t know where to begin. She went to The Holiday and said, “Mom, this is the place!” So I went and fell in love with it. Now, my mom is with people and doesn’t have to worry anymore. It has worked out beautifully and I’m very pleased.”
– Susan Girard, South Glastonbury

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Wyndemere Woods – Woonsocket, RI


“My mother has lived at Wyndemere longer than any of the other residents as she was the second admission upon the opening of the residence. She is so happy there due to the personal attention and genuine affection of the caring staff. Many of our friends in larger and more expensive retirement communities are far less satisfied. Thanks, Wyndemere, for all you do!”
– Normand Baglini Newtown Square, PA

“My home became too expensive for my sister and I to maintain. We decided that assisted living may be what we needed and more affordable for us. We began touring different facilities and decided Wyndemere was for us. It was the most affordable in the area. It’s a wonderful residence and I’ve made many friends here.”
– Gertrude Laflamme

“I lost my Husband and did not like living alone. I began looking for a place that was located closer to my son. I was also looking for a small facility that offered a “family” type atmosphere. When I toured Wyndemere I knew that it was the place for me…an intimate family atmosphere that offers everything and anything. I love it.”
– Yvette Baris

“I’ve been part of the Wyndemere family for three years and loved it from day one. They offer a great selection of food. There is always something going on so that I’m not alone.”
– Lillian Lagace

“When I came to Wyndemere I was recuperating from a fractured hip. My family was concerned for me being alone in my home. With the help of the wonderful staff at Wyndemere I was back on my feet before long and since have been enjoying the good food and wonderful staff. It’s home!”
– Germaine Guilbert

“At the time I came to Wyndemere Woods my vision was getting worse. My family wanted me to move in with them but I’ve always been an independent woman and I wanted to continue to experience my independence. Wyndemere offers me that opportunity to be independent while in a safe and comfortable setting.”
– Stasia Meschisen

“I had lived in this neighborhood for fifty years. It was all familiar to me; therefore I wanted to stay in this area. The church is close by as well as shopping areas, doctors and pharmacy. What more could I ask for at such an affordable price?”
– Blanche Lefebre

“Mom moved to Wyndemere in January, 2001. The quality of her life improved immediately. She has so many caring friends and she relies on them and they rely on her, so the family atmosphere is apparent. Diane and her staff treat all the residents like family members. The dining room staff makes sure the residents have good food and the meal experiences are always special. Thank you Wyndemere for the peace of mind you give us.”
– Meg Dickie

“My sister and I would like to express our deep appreciation to Wyndemere Woods for the excellent care and attention they have given to our father and stepmother over the years. We have a true sense of security knowing they are living at such a wonderful assisted living facility where their needs are being met by such a warm and capable staff. They love the accommodations, the food, the service, their fellow residents and all the amenities that are provided. Diane, the administrator, never hesitates to contact us with any concerns she may have about them. Not only do they operate a first-class facility, but they do so with a heart. They are not only concerned about the residents but also their extended families. We have enjoyed attending the many family functions they organize throughout the year. It is with gratitude and great pleasure that we thank Wyndemere Woods for taking such good care of Mr. & Mrs. Leo Hanley.”
– William Hanley & Doris Metivier

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The Holiday Retirement – Manville, Rhode Island


“When my mother was told she would need physical therapy after her surgery, the first place that came to mind was The Holiday Retirement Home. I had heard so many wonderful things about their rehab department. All to be true. From the day we arrived, my mom was treated like she was family. The staff was great. They worked my mother hard, but made it fun. I can’t say enough about The Holiday. From their brand new rehab addition and their state of the art equipment, to their compassionate and friendly staff, it all made my mom’s experience a very pleasurable one. If you need to go to rehab, choose The Holiday, you’ll be glad you did!”
Cheryl Lavoie, daughter of current resident

“It’s home away from home. There is something going on all day and the food is excellent. The nurses and CNA’S  are  A-1!”
Doris Laban

“I am very satisfied with the care my wife is getting. The staff are very nice and always pleasant. I like that it has a homey atmosphere.”
– Al Provencal husband of Blanch Provencal

“We couldn’t be happier that my grandmother is here. The staff treat her just like she was a member of their family. They take the time to get to know what she likes and dislikes. The staff are always friendly and helpful. No matter where I go in the building the staff say ‘hello’ and remember my name. If she can’t be with me, I am glad she can be here. It’s just like family here.”
– Michelle Lebeau, Granddaughter of Isabella Vallencourt

“The Staff, all the staff, I think they do marvelous work. I’m very happy to be here.”
– Florence Lalancette

“I like the people, very social, and very accommodating.”
– Emlio Marsoli

“I like everything, and the staff does a wonderful job. It’s a wonderful place to be.”
– Camilla Horton

Mercedes Ashworth loves “The people, all the help. Very satisfied. Superb, no complaints.”
– Bea Chauvin

“Its home.”
– Bea Cedras

“It’s a nice place to be. I like it very much.”
– Ada Ethier

“The best, nice place to live.”
– Cecile Holcombe

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