Staying in a Rehabilitation Center & Skilled Nursing Home

Rehab FacilityStaying in a Rehabilitation Center & Skilled Nursing Home


If you have been in a hospital because of an injury, illness, or surgery, the next step may be a period of rehabilitation. Doctors often recommend a stay at a rehabilitation center or a skilled nursing facility to ensure fast and proper recovery. Read on to learn more about post-surgery rehab and nursing homes.

Who Needs a Rehab Facility or a Skilled Nursing Home?

If you want to know whether you need short-term rehabilitation to gain your strength, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I capable of using my walker, cane, crutches, or wheelchair?
  • Can I get out of the bed or a chair without support?
  • Can I safely move around my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and the rest of the house?
  • Do I have enough strength to use the stairs?
  • Will I have help at home?

If you answer no to one or more of the above questions, it may help you to stay at a rehabilitation center where you will have round the clock support. In addition to this, if you have surgical wounds that need a professional’s care regularly, it helps to choose a post-surgery rehab for a full recovery.

Establishing Goals for Your Rehab Stay

In addition to the prognosis for recovery, the result of the rehab mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Your Commitment to the Regimen
    It is crucial that you believe in the recovery routine and follow it properly. It helps to consider your level of functioning and determine the realistic long-term goals accordingly.
  • Psychological Aspects
    These are related to how motivated you feel towards accomplishing the rehabilitation goals. Based on your response, your doctor will include the goals in your daily care plan.

It always helps to stay at a rehab facility where you’ll have qualified and trained health care providers to take care of you, as well as the advantage of physical, occupational, and language and speech therapy.

Discharge Plan

Before deciding to stay in rehab or skilled nursing facility, ask about their discharge plan and how they determine if a patient is ready to go home. Comparing your lifestyle before and after the stay can help you decide whether or not you have regained your strength to live an independent life without a caregiver’s support. Also, ask them about their long-term rehab facilities.

We Have the Best Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Facility

At The Holiday Retirement, we offer the best rehab facilities in Manville, Rhode Island. Whether you are looking for a post-surgery rehab, memory care assisted living, or long-term care, we can help you. We have experts and qualified staff to take care of your needs and ensure a rapid recovery. We will work with you to set realistic goals and help you regain your strength. We understand that recovery from an illness or surgery can take a toll on the patients, which is why we have a friendly and compassionate staff to assist them.

For more information about our rehabilitation center, give us a call at 401-229-5059, or take a Virtual Photo Tour to learn what we have to offer.

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