How is a Skilled Nursing Facility Perfect for Post-Surgery Rehab?

How is a Skilled Nursing Facility Perfect for Post-Surgery RehabPost-Surgery Rehab


If you’ve undergone a surgery recently, you know that the length of recovery depends on a variety of factors. The place you live in, along with how you take care of yourself plays a significant role in your recovery. This is why staying in a skilled nursing facility helps. If you are looking for a post-surgery rehab, learn about the benefits it can offer, especially as you get older.

Why Should You Consider a Post-Surgery Rehab?

A skilled nursing facility has the resources to offer the following services:

  • Physical Therapy After Surgery
    Physical therapy usually includes a wide range of treatments that are used to enhance coordination and strength. Most types of surgeries need a professional’s assistance to help the patient recover from the underlying medical condition and the surgery itself as well as to help them regain their strength. It can also help you to recuperate from general weakness. In addition to this, muscle training by experts is known to help heal neurological damage.
  • Occupational Therapy After Surgery
    Occupational therapy is a type of treatment that can help you lead a healthy life after surgery. This therapy can address any issues caused due to your surgery by fixing particular weaknesses that may affect your lifestyle. It includes the following:

    • Recommending special exercises that you can do at home
    • Addressing specific limitations that you may have
    • Suggesting modifications to your home after surgery
    • Teaching safe methods to use any special devices
  • Speech and Swallowing Therapy Post-Surgery
    Sometimes, you may have difficulty speaking clearly or swallowing food after surgery. Having professional advice may help. Speech and swallowing therapy focuses on providing solutions to the issues that occur in the mouth and throat. Therapists may use medical devices such as an x-ray along with personal observation to evaluate and create an effective recovery plan customized for you.
  • Other Benefits
    In addition to specialized therapies, you will also have the following advantages in a post-surgery rehab:

    • 24/7 Care – You will have access to around-the-clock professional care and qualified staff to cater to your needs.
    • Nutritionists & Other Specialists – You may have physicians, dieticians, and other experts to aid your recovery after surgery.
    • Quick Recovery – The staff will help you feel comfortable and relaxed, making you feel less tempted to handle your regular responsibilities unless you are ready.
    • Many Amenities – Skilled nursing facilities offer a variety of amenities and arrange activities, so you can relax and enjoy a little pampering while you recover.

We Have the Best Nursing Homes in Rhode Island

At The Holiday Retirement, we understand that undergoing surgery, especially when you’re older, can be difficult and emotionally exhausting. We strive to offer excellent facilities and 24/7 care to our patients to ensure a quick recovery.

Our skilled nursing facility in Rhode Island has a patient-friendly infrastructure and professional staff dedicated to caring for our patients. We offer short term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and respite care, and focus on providing a safe, secure, and warm atmosphere for your recovery.

If you have any questions about our nursing homes near Providence, please give us a call at 401-229-5059 or fill out our online form to schedule a tour with us.

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