Things You Should Know About Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities for SeniorsNursing Facilities for Senior Citizens


Skilled nursing facilities are an excellent choice for seniors because they provide an opportunity for you to enjoy an independent and safe lifestyle. They offer both short-term and long-term support and a range of medical, personal, and social services so you can be healthy in your senior years. But, with many such facilities providing services throughout the country, there are several options available for you. This can make it challenging to select the right nursing home for your needs. Here’s a detailed guide on everything you should know about such senior living facilities so you can make an informed decision.

What Type of Assistance Do Skilled Nursing Facilities Offer?

Nursing homes offer the most extensive support for seniors, just like a hospital. In addition to skilled care, they also help with bathing, getting dressed, eating, and more. These senior living facilities have qualified staff, including nurses, trained professionals, specialists, and therapists, to monitor and treat the residents. The services offered typically range from room and boarding, medication management, personal care, emergency care to recreational and social activities for seniors.

Who Should Choose Skilled Nursing Care?

A skilled nursing facility is the best option for you in the following instances:

  • You’re battling with a worsening disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s
  • You’ve encountered an irreversible tragedy recently
  • You are looking for a top-notch senior rehabilitation center to recover from your injury or illness
  • You have age-related physical issues
  • You need physical or occupational therapy after a recent surgery
  • You need professional assistance for a short period

Choosing to live in a nursing home in such conditions is a wise decision and can help you stay healthy and active.

Here are a few concerns that you need to consider before moving into a nursing home:

  • Opting for a medical evaluation and health assessment by professionals before moving into a senior living facility is a wise choice. It can help you make a suitable housing decision.
  • If you have intense medical needs or are at high risk of falls, a nursing home is the best fit. However, if you need only custodial support, an assisted living facility is a better choice.
  • If you require 24/7 monitoring, nursing homes provide short-term and long-term care options for seniors. You can choose one according to your needs and preferences.
  • If you need temporary medical assistance and are considering home care for the short term, it helps to know that it can become expensive if the medical need intensifies. This is why it is best to look for a skilled nursing facility having the essential resources to help seniors.

What Services Do Nursing Homes Offer?

Skilled Nursing Care

A nursing facility provides 24-hour support for its residents and helps seniors with long-term illnesses. Although it is different from acute care in a hospital, it offers regular medical supervision and rehabilitation therapy.

Personal Care

Nursing homes offer customized services to meet the individual needs of their residents. This often includes activities of daily living, medication management, nutrition management, supervision, and more.

Activities of Daily Living

ADL typically includes bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, and using the restroom. In addition to this, skilled nursing facilities also provide Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.  This comprises preparing meals, shopping, housework, laundry, and other similar activities.

How Skilled Nursing Facilities Help Seniors

High Quality of Life

Nursing homes are perfect institutions for seniors who need professional help. They offer health care and extended support services and state all the benefits they provide before admission. They have a unique personality, depending on the services and staff. These facilities are committed to assisting seniors in living worry-free and healthy lives.

Advanced Health Care Programs

The wide range of assistance skilled nursing homes provide includes medication supervision and overall well-being. They have the resources to manage mild and severe illnesses such as heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory problems, and more. Seniors dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s can receive specialized support from qualified nurses and trained practitioners. In addition to this, nursing homes also cater to the occupational and physical needs of the residents. Along with ailment, they offer rehabilitation facilities to help you recover from a setback.

Safe and Secure Atmosphere

A reputable skilled nursing home environment is the result of a thoughtful policy and the level of safety that it guarantees its residents. They have measures to keep the intruders out, strict supervision on the premises, and ensure the residents are comfortable in their rooms. The facilities have a carefully planned infrastructure with senior-friendly rooms and amenities. They have qualified staff to cater to the individual needs of the residents to ensure they are safe, happy, and healthy in the nursing home.

Short-Term & Long-Term Care

Here is a list of the long-term and short-term assistance offered by skilled nursing homes:

  • Custodial help – includes laundry, cleaning, and other helpful activities.
  • General Wound Care – includes cleaning wounds and administering antibiotics to prevent infections.
  • General Rehabilitation – includes physical, speech, occupational therapy and other services to help residents recover after surgery or an extended illness.
  • Stroke Recovery – including rehabilitation therapy to help residents regain speech and motor skills.
  • Parkinson’s Care – comprises special assistance required to attend to residents dealing with this condition.
  • Acute Medical Conditions Treatment – is all about helping patients recover from an infection, illness, or injury that threatens their health.

Get Excellent Aid in Our Skilled Nursing Facility in Rhode Island

The Holiday Retirement is a well-known skilled nursing facility in Rhode Island, offering excellent amenities, curated health care programs, and a friendly atmosphere for the residents. Whether you are looking for a short-term senior rehabilitation center or a place for a long-term stay, we can help you. We have the resources to cater to the varied needs of our residents and ensure they are healthy. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance for us, which is why we accept Medicaid, Medicare, Optum, United, and several other insurance products.

For more details about our skilled nursing home, feel free to call us at 1-401-765-1440. You could also fill out our online form to book a tour of our facility.

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