The Role of Skilled Nursing Facilities in Managing Diabetes

Skilled Nursing HomeThe Role of Skilled Nursing Facilities in Managing Diabetes


Most people between 65 – 75 years of age are affected by diabetes and other complications associated with it. According to the experts in our nursing home in Rhode Island, proper care and treatment are necessary to help deal with the condition and prevent any adverse effects. Read on to learn more about the risk of diabetes in older adults and how the specialists in a nursing home can help you.

Problems Associated with Diabetes in Seniors

Diabetes is a complicated disease. It can have serious negative impacts on your health, making your condition worse if you do not take proper care of it. Since it tends to affect each person differently, the experts in our skilled nursing home believe that you may have elevated rates of mental and physical disabilities as a result of your diabetes if you are not aware of what to do. Also, you are more at the risk of typical health issues, including depression, chronic and persistent pain, kidney disease, reduced cognitive function, and more once you are diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetic Care in a Skilled Nursing Home

Staying at a reputable nursing home such as The Holiday Retirement’s facility in Rhode Island can help you maintain your blood glucose level, manage the disease, and stay healthy. They have experienced and qualified staff to help you with the following:

  • Administer Your Diabetic Medications
    The staff at a nursing home are trained to take care of a diabetic patient. They can help bring your blood sugar level back to normal should it become too low or high. They will give you the proper medication on time, including insulin injections and other medicines, to help bring up or down the levels of blood sugar as required.
  • Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level
    The nursing facility staff have the resources and expertise to use equipment such as a glucose meter to monitor your blood sugar levels. They can adjust your diet and routine according to the findings of the meter. Also, they can recommend a proper diet and exercise to help control diabetes.
  • Prevent Serious Side Effects of Diabetes
    If you do not take proper care after being diagnosed with diabetes, you may have increased chances of suffering from a range of health issues, including chronic kidney disease. The nursing home staff can help you manage the condition in the best possible way and ensure that you are healthy.
  • Ensure You Get Enough Nutrition
    In addition to monitoring your blood glucose level and ensuring your body gets enough physical exercise, diabetes management also includes the intake of the right amount of nutrients. Nursing homes have qualified dieticians to help ensure you have balanced, nutritious meals.

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