7 Tips to Help You Get Some Relief from Arthritis Pain

7 Tips to Help You Get Some Relief from Arthritis Pain7 Tips to Manage Your Arthritis Pain


Arthritis is a group of degenerative and painful conditions that causes inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Even though it can’t be cured permanently, you can keep it under control by following simple instructions along with making minor lifestyle changes. The experts in our nursing home have put together a few useful ways to help you get some relief from arthritis pain. Read on to learn how to reduce your joint pain in your senior years.

7 Tips to Manage Your Arthritis Pain

  1. Consult a Reputable Doctor
    Before consulting your doctor, be sure to figure out where the pain is and when it is the worst. Also, note what activities seem challenging to you and discuss these details with your doctor. Having these specifics will help them better understand your condition and recommend suitable treatments to reduce the pain.
  2. Consider Heat Therapy
    The heat helps to loosen your stiff muscles and joints by stimulating circulation. It also minimizes muscle spasms. This is why you should try heat wraps, heating pads, heat patches, or pain-relieving creams earlier during the day. Be sure to take any necessary precautions, including placing a thin piece of cloth between the area and the heat.
  3. Try Cold Therapy
    If heat treatment doesn’t seem to be working for you, you may try cold therapy at the end of the day to numb the pain. You can keep the cold packs or a small bag of ice on wrists, knees, and other body parts. Rubbing ice over the painful areas also helps to reduce inflammation. Remember to use a towel to avoid direct contact with the cold packs, as you may damage your skin.
  4. Exercise Regularly
    According to specialists in senior nursing homes, moving your body helps to ease arthritis pain, which is why you must not stay in the same position for too long. Although you may experience some discomfort when getting started, flexing and using your joints by engaging in regular activities can reduce your pain over time. Add daily exercises to your routine to ensure you get a good joint workout.
  5. Massage
    Rubbing and massaging your joints can help warm up the area and relax your muscles. It also helps you to sleep better. Adding oils and lotions can help reduce friction and provide some relief from the pain.
  6. Maintain a Healthy Weight
    Losing any additional weight helps to take the pressure off your knees. Increasing exercise and adopting a nutritious, healthier diet can help you achieve your goal of shedding a few pounds.
  7. Include Omega-3s in Your Diet
    Consuming foods rich in omega-3 such as tuna, sardines, salmon, and herring can help decrease arthritis pain. You could also consider taking supplements after consulting your doctor to avoid negative interactions with prescriptions that you take.

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