How Post-Surgery Rehab Can Help Seniors

How Post-Surgery Rehab Can Help SeniorsHow Post-Surgery Rehab Helps You Recover


Post-surgery rehabilitation involves regaining muscle strength, improving joint motion, and restoring strength and functionality after a surgical procedure. Physiotherapy sessions and exercises are used to accomplish these goals.

The experts in elderly nursing homes believe that rehab after surgery is particularly essential for older adults so they can function better after a procedure. Read on to learn about its benefits for seniors.

Why Do Seniors Need Rehab?

Rehabilitation can help speed your recovery, no matter what type of surgery you’ve had. The process will most likely begin while you are still in the hospital. A therapist will be assigned to help improve the function of the body part that was operated on. They will also help you learn other exercises to get you ready.

Metabolism tends to decrease when you grow older. As a result, the healing process takes more time than usual for older adults. If the specialists believe you still need the help of qualified staff after your surgery, they may recommend you stay at an elderly home that offers the best rehab facilities. Staying at a rehabilitation center can help you recover completely.

How Post-Surgery Rehab Helps You Recover

Listed below are a few ways in which a rehab program can help you after surgery:

  • Manage and reduce pain
  • Improve mobility and functionality of the part of your body where you had surgery
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Regain your balance after the surgery
  • Help you perform daily activities, such as getting up from a bed or chair, bathe, and get dressed

Who Works with You in a Rehab?

A rehabilitation center has different experts to help you, including the following:

  • Physiatrist – helps to devise a plan as per your needs. They will oversee the program to ensure you’re doing well.
  • Physical Therapist – teaches you exercises and help boost your strength.
  • Occupational Therapist – helps you regain the fundamental skills you need for your daily activities, including using the toilet, showering, getting dressed, cooking meals, and more.
  • Speech Therapist – helps you learn essential skills such as swallowing and talking and improve your memory.
  • Dietitian – plans nutritious meals for you and ensures that they are prepared as per your doctor’s instructions.
  • Psychologist – helps you manage your worries, treat depression, and ensure your mental well-being after surgery.
  • Nurses – care for you, keep track of your recovery, and help you get back to your normal life.

The Holiday Offers the Best Nursing Home in Rhode Island

The Holiday provides a top-notch rehabilitation center for seniors to recover after surgery. We care about your physical and mental well-being, which is why we have experts who can help you. We also offer a variety of well-planned activities as well as dining arrangements within our community to ensure you are comfortable and happy.

Whether you are looking for long-term care or post-surgery rehab for a short period, our professionals and caring staff can help you. Call us at 401-229-5059 for more information about our elderly homes. You could also fill out our online contact form if you have any questions.

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