Is Home Healthcare Better than Being in an Assisted Living Facility?

Our Expert at Wyndemere Woods Facility Assisting a Senior Resident LadyGiven a choice, many seniors would probably prefer to age at home. However, with decreasing mobility and health, managing daily chores and their personal routine can become a huge challenge. In such a scenario, families struggle with the question of whether home healthcare is better than being in an assisted living facility. Our experts at Wyndemere Woods have highlighted some of the main differences to help you and your elderly loved one make an informed decision.

Home Healthcare Vs. Assisted Living (Wyndemere Woods)
A trained home healthcare aide comes to a senior’s residence to help them with the activities of daily living. Typically, a community of older adults that need some assistance with daily activities.
Several modifications may need to be made to the bathroom as well as other areas of the home to make it more accessible and safe for an aging family member. The entire facility is designed to accommodate mobility issues, making it convenient and safe for seniors to move around as independently as possible.
Cost of private home care depends on the services required, with options ranging from companionship to bathing and cleaning. The hourly rate increases with the range of needs that require professional assistance and care. This is in addition to paying the mortgage, property taxes, utilities, and the upkeep of the home. Cost of assisted living facilities also depends on the level of assistance required as well as the amenities offered. Residents enjoy 24-hour security and immediate assistance in an emergency. There is no mortgage, property tax or utilities to pay; just a monthly bill, and entertainment is always included.
Many important needs like meals, shopping and doctor’s appointments will still need to be taken care of by family members or Homecare Agencies. Most facilities provide dining options, which eliminates the need for any cooking. Transportation can also be arranged.
When a senior lives alone, the lack of activity and socialization can affect their physical and mental health. You can be sure that mom or dad will not be alone. They will have company and plenty of social activities and outings to keep them active and engaged.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Even though home healthcare could be more expensive and may require family members to pitch in and cover gaps or reduce cost, you might still be conflicted because you want to keep mom or dad at home. Ask the following questions and make the right choice:

  1. Is mom or dad living all alone?
  2. Do they need assistance with home maintenance, meal preparation, their personal routine and healthcare?
  3. Is there someone who could move in with them or they could move in with?
  4. Do they need medication reminders?
  5. Have you and your elderly loved one visited any assisted living facilities to see what it is really like?

Senior People Playing Chess at Independent Living Facility in Wyndemere WoodsMisconceptions about assisted living facilities often prevent seniors and their families from making the move. However, residents will tell you that they enjoy their independence and personal living space while also participating in fun activities to stay as active as possible. It is important to visit a few communities before forming an opinion.

At Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, we provide all the support your mom, dad or elderly loved one requires to lead a happy and fulfilled life. A dedicated team is always on hand to make them feel completely at home. Comfortable accommodations, the company of peers and a wide range of easily-accessible services and amenities keep them as active and independent as possible. Customized care plans cater to their unique needs. You will have peace of mind knowing that they will always be well-cared for and treated like family here.

Contact Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community at 401-762-4226 for more information or fill out our online form to book a tour.

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