How to Reduce the Chances of Seniors Falling

Must-Read Fall Prevention Tips from Our Assisted Living Facility Team

Senior Couple Moving House Packing Kitchen StuffCaregiver Helping Senior Woman Walking Down Stairs

Falls are a common cause of injury among older adults and seniors. A report on ‘Home and Recreational Safety’ by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed some disturbing facts:

  • Around 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries each year
  • Less than 50% tell their doctor about it
  • 95% of hip fractures in older people are caused by falling
  • Falls are also the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries
  • Falling once doubles your chances of it happening again

While anyone can fall, the risk increases as we age. Lack of physical activity and the resultant loss of balance, strength, failing health, impaired vision and certain medications contribute to seniors falling more frequently and leading to more injuries than younger people. A few simple precautions can prevent this from happening. The highly-experienced team at our assisted living facility in Rhode Island shares valuable tips to fall-proof your home.


  • Install well-anchored grab bars by the toilet and in the shower/tub that you can use as support when you sit or stand
  • Wipe up spills, wet and damp areas immediately to prevent slipping
  • Get a raised toilet seat (preferably with handles) and a bath seat, if necessary
  • Use non-slip mats in your shower and toilet area

Living room and bedroom

  • Ensure all rooms and passages are well lit
  • Make sure access areas are cleared of obstacles such as furniture
  • Get rid of clutter as well as loose wires/cords
  • Where necessary, use non-slip area rugs
  • Keep a cordless phone by your side to avoid rushing to answer a call


  • Store kitchen items that are used frequently (pots, pans, supplies, etc.) in easy-to-reach locations
  • Place heavy items on lower shelves/cabinets
  • Use a sturdy and stable step stool with a safety rail for reaching high places
  • Wipe up any spills immediately


  • Install solid hand rails
  • Make sure stairways are brightly lit
  • Walk up and down slowly

Additional fall prevention tips

  • Get out of your bed or chair slowly to prevent dizziness
  • Ask for help with tasks that are difficult or overwhelming
  • Remove your reading glasses when you go up or down the stairs
  • Put away gardening implements such as hoses and rakes when not in use
  • Wear well-fitting, comfortable and sturdy shoes that have a non-skid sole
  • Make light physical activities like walking, water work outs or tai chi part of your weekly routine. They reduce the risk of falls by improving strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.
  • Tell your doctor about any falls you may have had
  • Have a Life-Alert Device to call for Emergency Assistance

Assisted living facilities like ours are designed keeping seniors’ safety and comfort in mind. In addition to well-designed rooms and a wide range of easily-accessible services and amenities, our dedicated team is always on hand to assist your family member. You will have peace of mind knowing that at Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, we treat residents like our own. Customized care plans combine with a warm and welcoming environment to make your parent or aging family member feel completely at home with us.

Contact Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community at 401-762-4226 for more information or fill out our online form to book a tour.

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