Is It Time for an Independent Living Community?

An old lady on a wheelchair holding her headWhen preparing meals and taking care of their home gets too much, it’s time to consider moving your loved one into a retirement residence in West Hartford. The decision might be a difficult one but keep in mind their comfort and safety. Independent living facilities are designed for senior living. They provide opportunities for socialization, safety and security, all under one roof. Your mom or dad can retain their independence and you will have peace of mind knowing that help is always on hand should they need it.

10 signs it’s time to move your loved one to a retirement residence

  • A fall, recent accident or close call
  • A worsening illness or medical condition
  • Increased difficulty managing household and personal tasks
  • Noticeable weight gain or weight loss
  • Changes in appearance
  • Strange body odor
  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Days spent without leaving the home
  • Not taking, or taking the wrong amount of prescribed medication
  • Expired, or no food in the Refrigerator

There are different types of senior homes in West Hartford, so you can choose the exact level of care that your loved one requires. Some are designed for those who can care for themselves, others provide assistance with personal care, and a few offer medical facilities. Find out which one will meet your loved one’s needs.

5 questions to ask mom or dad before moving them to a senior home

Don’t wait for signs that your loved one needs help. Constant communication can help you plan ahead and avoid a difficult situation. Ask your loved one these questions to assess the situation from time to time.

  • A fall, recent accident or close call
  • Is maintaining your home becoming a burden?
  • Is it difficult to connect with family and friends?
  • Is it a challenge to get around?
  • Is your health getting you down?
  • Are you getting anxious about living alone?

A confused old man with medicines in front of himIf they answer yes, it may be time to move them into an independent living community. Consider the location, services and track record of the senior home before you make the decision.

Are you looking for the best retirement residence in West Hartford? The Holiday offers safety, convenience, companionship, and more.

The Holiday Retirement Independent Living Community in West Hartford, Connecticut is one of the best places to spend your golden years. Your loved one can retire in style, maintain their independence and enjoy the senior services and facilities they require. All our staff members are well-trained to provide the kind of care that each of our residents requires. You will feel better knowing that our family is taking good care of yours.

Call us today at 860-233–8208 to book a tour of our independent living facility in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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