8 Things Seniors Should Consider When Preparing to Move

6 Things Seniors Should Consider When Preparing to Move6 Things Seniors Should Consider When Preparing to Move


Relocating as a senior can help ensure you have a more active lifestyle and a safer environment. Whether you are planning a move to downsize to a smaller apartment or an assisted living community, it helps to know what to consider so you can ensure a smooth transition.

8 Things to Consider Before Planning a Move to a Senior Facility

Planning a retirement move involves various essential factors to ensure you choose the right option. Here are a few aspects to think of when moving to a senior living facility:

  1. Floor Plans Senior living communities often have these in brochures or on their website. Be sure to look at them to ensure the rooms fit your requirements. You may ask for photos or a video if you want more pictures of a specific room and consider a virtual tour or visit the facility before deciding.
  2. Unique Apartments It helps to know that although senior living facilities have model units, they may differ from some apartments. Ask about common differences based on your interests and preferences. This could be about the appliances, colors of the walls and carpet, shelves and closet, furniture, and more so you can prepare for your move accordingly. Doing so will help you avoid any surprises in the future.
  3. Measurements If you don’t have the required measurements, ask if you can measure the alcoves and walls. This way, you will know if your furniture will fit in the space and can avoid the hassle of looking for new pieces.
  4. Door and Elevator Size Knowing the size of the elevator and doors is essential before bringing your belongings to the facility. This information will make things easier for you and ensure you do not have any troubles during your move.
  5. Community Policies Knowing the community’s rules and policies regarding room selection, pets, furniture, lighting fixtures, artwork, and room painting is beneficial. Ask them about these aspects so you can prepare accordingly to make your room look and feel like your new home. Transporting your belongings without the knowledge of these things may cause trouble for you in the long run.
  6. Placement of the Room If some things like watching the sunset from the comfort of your room, natural light in the room, enjoying the lawn or garden view, and more are vital to you, check for them during your visit.
  7. Inclusive Packages Before you decide, ask about the inclusions to know what you are paying for and what you can expect once you move into the senior living community. You may ask about the furniture available in the apartment, appliances such as a microwave, safety amenities like emergency buttons and grab bars, additions like curtains and linen, and more.
  8. Expecting Waiting Lists It is wise to feature waiting time in a reputable senior living facility. Allow time to move up the list to find a suitable apartment. Visit often during the first weeks to familiarize yourself with the facility’s infrastructure and neighborhood.

Tips to Make a Move Easier

Delegate Responsibilities

Moving into a new home or a senior living community can be overwhelming if you have to manage all the work single-handedly, especially if you have many belongings. Here are a few ways to deal with them:

  • Start Small When packing, it helps to begin with a room that does not have much sentimental value, such as a guest room or a bathroom. Doing so will help you ease into the process and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Tough Decisions are Inevitable If you’ve been living in the same home for years, everything may seem essential. Consider the space you’ll have in your new place while sorting things. It is best to sort your belongings into keep piles and give-aways to better understand what you need.
  • Gifts to Friends and Family Sometimes, it’s easier to give away items to your loved ones. If you have a prized possession that you can’t fit into your new place, you may consider gifting it to a friend or family member.

Explore Senior Relocation Services

If your loved ones can’t help you with the move, consider using professional services with experts who specialize in downsizing, relocating, and organizing.

  • Hire a Specialist An outside expert can help simplify the moving process, deal with the emotional aspect, and make tough decisions easier and less frustrating.
  • Look for an Organization that Helps Older Adults It is wise to hire a company that helps seniors move into a new home. This way, you can work peacefully, and rest assured that the experts will take care of it.
  • Get Assistance for the Work After the Move Consider hiring a company that can help you with after-move processes such as cleaning, donations, staging, and more to make it easier for you.
  • Get Help with Emotional Decisions – Professionals can provide crucial emotional support in addition to expert opinions and logistical services. They can help you create a plan so you know what to do without getting overwhelmed by the move. This includes going through your belongings, sorting the essentials, packing, and simplifying the process.

Arrange Transportation

If you have to travel a long distance and can’t withstand a road trip without stops or need some medical assistance, be sure to make arrangements accordingly by considering the following:

  • Additional Travel Time It is best to take multiple stops to stretch your legs and factor in pit stops on long rides to make your travel less tiring.
  • Mobility If flying is your best option while moving into your new home, consider booking a nonstop flight. Be sure to contact the airline with requests for escorts, boarding assistance, seating accommodations, and more to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Medical Assistance for Transit If you need additional medical help, look into companies that provide aids, such as wheelchairs and oxygen tanks for your move.

Manage Health Care

Be sure to arrange for new health care providers by getting referrals from current doctors and schedule appointments to avoid waiting.

  • Contact a Care Manager They are familiar with local healthcare providers and can help you choose one as per your needs. However, if you plan on moving into a retirement home, ask about the medical facilities available with them.
  • Talk to Insurance Providers Make sure your health insurance plan covers the specialists you need in the new location. You can find out these details by getting in touch with your insurance provider.

Make the New Place Feel Like Home

Arranging your new home with familiar possessions can help you feel more comfortable after the transition. Some great ways to make the space comfortable include:

  • Thoughtful Organization You may choose to have photos, display trinkets, and more in a familiar way to feel at home. You can also arrange accents such as throw pillows and new furniture to be more comfortable.
  • Consider the New Layout Be sure to ask about the dimensions of your new home, so you know how to best fit in your belongings. This way, you can plan a few details well in advance for a smoother transition.
  • Enjoy New Opportunities If you’ve always wanted a new accent wall, a new desk, or any other addition, you may consider having it in your new place. Doing so will make the transition more exciting and fun.

Focus on the Benefits of Your New Home

When you have lived in one place for many years, it’s normal to dwell on the things you’ll miss and leave behind. Remind yourself of the opportunities available in the new location to remain positive and happy.

  • Consider the New Opportunities Depending on your interests and hobbies, you can look for classes and places looking for volunteers to keep you active and occupied in your new home. Doing so will also help you socialize and find other like-minded people.
  • Have the Same Routines You may try and incorporate the same routine in your new home to feel more comfortable and familiar with the location.
  • Find Activities that Make You Happy If you are moving into a senior living community, you can ask the staff about the amenities and facilities they offer and check if they arrange any activities that may interest you.

We Provide the Best Senior Living Options & Arrangements

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