Age in the Right Retirement Residence for You

Seniors relaxing and having a good time at the parkChoosing the right retirement residence is crucial to your comfort, safety and happiness. Most people have no idea of what their options are or what to look for. Our retirement care experts have provided a quick overview to point you in the right direction and help you make the correct choice.

Types of Senior Homes

Retirement residences are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Here’s a quick look at your three basic options.

  • Independent living: A home that is designed for a senior lifestyle. It may be a detached house, condominium or apartment. The residence is typically easier to navigate than a regular home and requires no outside maintenance. Additional help may be found at some facilities.
  • Assisted living: A housing option for seniors who need some assistance with their daily routine and personal care. Costs vary according to the level of help you require. Medication management is usually not offered. Check with the facility you choose.
  • Nursing homes: This type of retirement residence provides the highest level of care for seniors, particularly for those recovering from an illness or after a major surgery. Skilled medical staff is always available 24 hours to provide for your needs.

List out all your needs in order to find the right match. In addition to amenities or services you may require, there are a few other important factors to consider when selecting a retirement residence.

3 important factors that influence your choice of retirement residence

  • Location: Keeping in touch with your social circle is important. This often means selecting a location that family and friends will be able to visit easily and frequently.
  • Cost: Make a budget with the anticipated expenses to determine what you can afford. See if you qualify for government assistance or Medicaid to help with the cost. Also explore the different payment options the retirement residence offers to see which one suits your financial comfort.
  • Level of care: Consider whether both your current and future needs will be met. Health and physical capabilities can quickly diminish with age or the progression of an illness. Look for an “aging in place” option like The Holiday’s Assisted and Independent Living Facility at Wyndemere Woods in Woonsocket, Rhode Island where you won’t have to move as your needs change.

Living at home can sometimes seem like the best option. Yet frailties can hold you hostage as you are not able to socialize or even get out of your home for groceries or medical appointments. Whether it’s for you or an aging loved one, plan in advance to avoid an unsafe situation or a sudden move that can cause adjustment problems.

The Holiday has retirement residences in Rhode Island and West Hartford, Connecticut which offer different levels of care. We have been providing exceptional retirement services for over 60 years. Our residents feel like they are on a permanent vacation. That’s the Holiday Advantage—a cozy home, delicious and nutritious meals, regular activities, a lively community of peers and dedicated staff members who have been with us for years. You will have peace of mind knowing that we treat your family like our own.

Take your loved one on a tour of our beautiful senior homes to see which one best fits their needs.  

Call us at 860-233-8208 to book a tour of our retirement residences in Rhode Island or West Hartford, Connecticut.

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