Senior Care Package Ideas

elderly care packagesYou may not be able to spend as much time with your elderly loved ones as you would like to. They may not live close by, your schedule might not allow frequent visits, or you have your own children to take care of. Despite the hectic activities that make up our daily routines, it’s always nice to be able to show those that are important to us just how much they matter and express our gratitude to them for being a part of our lives.

In circumstances when a visit is not a possibility, a care package is an excellent alternative. A gift containing useful, helpful, or thoughtful items will be much appreciated by the receiver. It shows that you are thinking about them, and that you care about how they are doing.

Care Package for Older Adults

When creating a care package for elderly family or friends, here are some ideas of things to include:

  • Puzzle Workbooks: A workbook of crosswords, sudoku, or word search puzzles are sure to entertain and help your loved one keep their mind in top shape.
  • Personal Care Items: These can include anything from a small soap, hand lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer, comb, or brush. If applicable, cosmetics make excellent gifts as well.
  • Snacks and Treats: Consider your loved one’s preferences and dietary needs when putting together some treats for them. Packaged salty snacks, or a sweet chocolate bar hold up well in the mail, as do things like jelly beans and gummy candies. If including homemade snacks, make sure to pack them well so they don’t break on the way to your recipient.
  • Seasonal Décor: If you’re sending your care package near a holiday, it is nice to include a small décor item such as a door hanger, plush toy, or window cling to help share in the celebrations with your loved one.
  • Stationery: Including fun stationery items like personalized or decorative paper, envelopes, stamps, and colored pens lets your elderly loved one write you back easily without having to gather these items on their own.
  • Clothing and Accessories: A t-shirt depicting a favorite animal, a new scarf for the winter months, or a hat to wear during the summer are all welcome gifts and appreciated by the receiver. Perhaps even a new pair of slippers and some accompanying sleepwear. Telling their friends the story of where it came from is sure to be enjoyable as well.
  • DVDs or CDs: A copy of a favorite movie or a CD from a much-loved band or soundtrack will keep your loved one entertained and satisfied. The item will also remind them of you every time it’s used.
  • Photos and Drawings: The least expensive, but perhaps most appreciated option to put in any care package is a photo of yourself and your family. If you don’t get a chance to see your loved one often, they will enjoy being able to see a picture of how everyone is growing up. Including a frame will let them display it in their home as well.

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