Winter Activities for Seniors in Retirement Communities

Seniors in Retirement CommunitiesWays to Stay Happy & Active in Winter


With poor weather conditions and shorter, colder days, winter months can be dull and dreary, making it difficult for older adults in retirement communities to stay active. However, several winter activities can help you keep yourself occupied and healthy. Read on to learn how you can enjoy an active lifestyle in the winter when living in a senior assisted living facility.

Beat the Blues with Winter Activities

  • Stay Physically Active
    The aim is to ensure proper blood flow to the brain and body and enhance muscle strength. You can take walks outdoors or indoors but be sure to avoid snow-covered or icy ground to prevent any accidents or falls. You could also join yoga and exercise sessions in your retirement community to stay busy and fit.
  • Use a Fitness Video
    It is beneficial to think about finding ways to exercise in the winter season. This will help you stay warm and healthy. If you cannot get to a gym or workout facility, one of the best alternatives would be to find fitness videos that cater to your needs.
  • Keep Yourself Mentally Active
    In addition to physical fitness, you should also consider your mental well-being. Try reading books, watching engaging TV shows or movies, doing crossword puzzles, and more to keep yourself in high spirits during the winter months. You may also opt for more physical hobbies such as woodworking, arts and crafts, cooking, and more.
  • Join a Book Club
    If you like to read, joining a book club is an excellent way to discuss what you have read with others. You will have the opportunity to enjoy time spent with like-minded people and talk about your favorite books and authors. In addition to keeping each other entertained, this will also help you keep your mind sharp.
  • Get Outside If Possible
    Sunlight is beneficial for your body and brain. On sunny days, see if you can get outside, even if it is for a few minutes. If venturing outside is difficult, you can bring nature to you by arranging houseplants and flowers in your room.
  • Move Around
    It is essential to stretch regularly. If you cannot go outside, the best way is to walk around the facility or your room. The idea is to keep your muscles strong and heart pumping. Doing so will ensure you are warm and not seated in the same position for too long.
  • Grow Plants
    Gardening is one of the most fulfilling and relaxing hobbies, and you can nurture an indoor garden even during the cold months. It can help reduce stress levels and offers you the chance to keep active and move around.
  • Stay Social
    Be sure to get together with relatives and friends when you’re able. Consider hosting a sewing circle or a tea party. You may also visit the nearest library or community center, volunteer with your favorite cause, and more. In addition to this, you may join a community choir, club, or crocheting and quilting group.
  • Engage Your Positive Emotions
    Create a memoir by writing down your experiences or recording your memories on tape. Browse through old photo albums and scrapbooks to rejoice the past experiences. You may also watch a good movie or TV show to raise your spirits during the cold months.
  • Listen to Music
    Despite the dreary weather conditions, music can brighten your spirits. Whether you enjoy a music class, choir performance, a playlist of your favorite songs, or a concert hour on the television, it can help you relax without the need to venture outside. Moreover, studies indicate that music can enhance coordination, mobility, and cognitive skills.
  • Enjoy a Makeover
    Changing your appearance and pampering yourself can boost your self-esteem, help you relax, and feel great about yourself. Visit a salon and get a new haircut, or experiment with a new makeup look or a beard style and see what suits you best.
  • Fun and Games
    Games such as cards, dominoes, puzzles, and more are ideal for cold winter days when you are indoors. Many senior living facilities have scheduled game nights with group games like Scrabble and Bingo. This way, you can meet new people, interact with them, build connections, and have a great time.
  • Lunch Get-Togethers
    Lunch outings with friends are perfect for the winter months. You can catch up with them while avoiding the cold. Most assisted living communities offer transportation options for doctor’s appointments, shopping trips, and local errands. Enjoying a meal together and spending quality time with your loved ones can help you cheer up.
  • Creative Projects
    Take up innovative projects to keep yourself busy. Consider making holiday wreaths, sewing, painting or sketching, arranging winter flowers, and more. Such activities will help keep your brain active and engage your creativity.

To keep yourself active and upbeat when living in a retirement community, you need hobbies that can help nurture those qualities. The best way to achieve this is to consider the ideas and tips mentioned here.

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