Importance of Winter Socialization for Seniors

Our Assisted Living Facility in Rhode Island Offers a Range of Activities

Senior people socializing in an assisted living facilitySocial engagement is critical to the physical and mental health of your elderly loved ones. However, it is difficult for them to socialize and stay in touch with family and friends during the cold and harsh winter season. At our assisted living facility in Rhode Island, we provide plenty of opportunities for our seniors to mingle and be active. Well-planned activities and dining arrangements enable them to interact regularly with peers and people from the community as well as pursue hobbies and enjoy live entertainment.

Here are some tips on how to keep yourself or an elderly family member in assisted living or at home engaged, active and happy.

  • Join an activity of your choice: Whether it is painting, crafts or dancing, it will stimulate your mind and give you something to look forward to. Our assisted living facility in Rhode Island, Wyndemere Woods, offers residents a variety of fitness classes and social activities to promote physical fitness and socialization throughout the winter season.
  • Visit family and friends: Arrange visits with your grandchildren, relatives and friends. Just being around others can prevent loneliness and isolation. However, this can be a challenge if you don’t drive, lack transportation or have mobility issues. See if there are community services that can help.
  • Volunteer: Studies show that volunteering is both gratifying and beneficial to senior wellness. It gives you an opportunity to contribute to your community, learn new skills and make more friends. Search online to find opportunities that meet your interests e.g. the library, community center or your place of worship. You can also volunteer within your retirement home or assisted living facility.
  • Consider a retirement residence: You’ll always have people to mix and mingle with and will never be lonely. At our independent and assisted living facilities there is a range of exciting activities to choose from and have fun. You won’t have to be worried about being shut indoors and isolated during the long winter season.

Three elderly women talking at an assisted living facilityAt Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Facility in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, our residents enjoy the company of peers while staying in their own private apartments. A wide range of amenities and services cater to their specific needs. We care for you and your loved ones like they are our own family. Our friendly, caring staff assist residents with anything they need, enabling you to enjoy your golden years and maintain a life of dignity.

Come see our Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Facility in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and meet our staff and our community. Call 401-762-4226 or fill out our online form to book a tour.

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