Ways To Live an Extremely Active Retirement

Retirement is a stage which people usually spend their whole lives planning, but what usually happens is that they consider the financial stability required for retirement but fail to focus on the kind of life they want to live. Retirement is a double-edged sword in that it gives people a lot of free time and if not utilized carefully, it can quickly turn into boredom and even depression. So, it’s very important to think about the kind of life that you want to live after retirement so that you can stay happy.

Living An Active Life After Retirement

For people looking to lead an active and socially vibrant lifestyle after retiring, a survey was recently conducted to find out the best cities for an active lifestyle after retirement. The survey concluded that San Diego, Cleveland, and New York are the best cities for seniors aged 55 and above to lead an active lifestyle. The survey took into consideration the activities like running events, cycling competitions, mountain biking, triathlons, duathlons, adventure events etc. Other cities that also came on top included Houston, Dallas, San Diego.

Benefits Of Exercise For Seniors

As old age creeps near, people tend to live a more sedentary lifestyle inviting physical health problems and in some cases even mental health issues. In numerous studies, exercise or even an active lifestyle has been shown to boost energy levels, improve heart rate, and alleviate certain symptoms of illness. In addition to these physical benefits, exercise has been consistently shown to improve mental health, mood, and even memory.

The benefits of exercise for seniors are discussed in detail below:

Helps in managing weight: Exercise with its ability to boost metabolism is particularly useful in old age as the body’s metabolism tends to slow down. It becomes difficult to maintain your weight while still keeping healthy unless you follow a regular exercise routine.

Reduces the impact of illness: People who exercise regularly have consistently shown improvements in the body’s immune system. Additionally, exercise also helps with improving the digestive system and reduces the risks of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, obesity, and even some forms of cancer.

Enhances mobility and balance: As people get older, their body also stops supporting them the way it used to do, resulting in falls and loss of balance. Yoga along with some light exercises improves the body’s mobility, flexibility and posture. Certain forms of exercise like strength training has also been shown to help with certain chronic conditions like arthritis.

Enhances sleep: Sleep also suffers as people age, but the body still requires quality sleep for proper functioning. Exercise helps with sleeping more soundly and falling asleep quickly resulting in a feeling of refreshment and energy when waking up in the morning.

Fights depression and improves mood: It is a well-known fact that regular exercise is more effective at fighting depression than prescription antidepressants. Exercise releases a huge amount of endorphins in the brain elevating the overall mood and helps combat anxiety, stress, and depression.

In addition to this, the benefits of exercise to mental health are countless. It has even been proved to help with increasing the cognitive capability, multitasking ability, and the ability of the brain to fight progressive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise also helps with the prevention of memory loss, dementia, and cognitive decline.

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