Mental Health Guide for Seniors to Get Proper Care

Mental Health Guide for Seniors to Get Proper CareHow to Identify Mental Health Problems in Seniors & Get Help?


According to the experts in our assisted living community in Rhode Island, behavioral issues in senior years can be the result of a decline in mental health. Studies indicate that these problems often go unaddressed in older adults, and they do not receive proper treatment. This is why it is essential to recognize the signs of any mental illnesses so you can take the required action. Read on to learn how you can identify cognitive problems and receive proper care.

Barriers to Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Seniors

The specialists in our assisted living retirement home have listed the following reasons which make it difficult for older adults to get help for cognitive issues:

  • Denial that you may need professional help
  • Complications due to prescribed medication for a pre-existing condition that make it hard to recognize the symptoms of any mental problems
  • Lack of adequate insurance coverage and high healthcare costs
  • Lack of proper transportation to a facility
  • Depression and social isolation
  • Fear of aging, believing in negative stereotypes and adopting an unhealthy attitude
  • Suffering from hoarding syndrome or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Symptoms to Watch Out for Declining Mental Health

Specialists in our assisted living community have listed the following signs that can help you identify declining mental wellbeing:

  • The inability to carry out daily activities for weeks together
  • Feeling tired all the time along with sleeping troubles
  • Heavy use of drugs or alcohol
  • Irritability, frustration, or frequently lashing out at others
  • Increased stress, sadness, or worry about minor concerns
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities that you loved previously
  • Noticeable mood swings, anxiety, and unwillingness to socialize
  • Constant feeling of restlessness and trouble concentrating

Getting Proper Care

Comfort and assurance are often necessary for you to combat mental issues in your senior years. Consulting a professional is the best way to deal with it. In addition to this, connecting with like-minded people through support groups, taking proper medication, and talk therapy can help address the situation. Also, finding an outlet to discuss your feelings is a great way to combat any negative thoughts.

Stay at Our Assisted Living Retirement Home

If you find any signs of behavioral problems that could be triggered by mental illness, it helps to assess how things are going and consult a professional. The Holiday Retirement has excellent assisted living facilities with comfortable housing. We have experts who can help you better understand these concerns, deal with them, and help with daily chores. Our specialists will provide round-the-clock care and assistance and cater to your needs. We have the resources and expertise to handle a range of health and safety requirements for residents at our assisted living community. We will take the utmost care to ensure you are safe, happy, and in good health.

For more information about our assisted living community in Rhode Island, feel free to call us at 401-762-4226. You could also fill out our online contact form to schedule a tour of our assisted living facility.

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