Ways to Ensure Seniors Stay Hydrated

Staff Tips from Our Skilled Nursing Facility in Rhode Island

Senior Man Taking RefreshmentStaying hydrated is critical to maintaining good health. Seniors tend to be more vulnerable as dehydration increases with age, especially over the warmer summer months. The experienced team at our skilled nursing facility in Rhode Island takes great care to ensure that residents consume enough fluids during the hot days of summertime.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep your aging family members hydrated:

  • Follow recommended guidelines: It is difficult to determine whether or not your body is getting enough water; required amounts may vary from one individual to another. Research by the Institute of Medicine says that men are advised to drink 13 cups of water daily and women, at least 9 cups. Use these guidelines to ensure that you and your loved ones are consuming enough water every day.
  • Reduce intake of tea, coffee and sodas: Caffeinated beverages and sodas contain diuretics which dehydrate the body. Switch to decaffeinated alternatives and replace sodas with natural juices instead. When combined with water, these fluids contribute to ensuring your daily intake levels are met.
  • Provide regular hydration: Encourage seniors to drink water throughout the day. Keep water within their reach and remind them to drink it frequently. Also ensure they take a bottle of water with them in the car and anytime they go outside. Urge them to drink at least 8oz (a standard cup measure) whenever they are taking any medication.
  • Ensure comfortable temperatures indoors: Drawing the curtains or blinds can be particularly helpful when homes do not have an air conditioner. If you have a house fan, we suggest turning it on with your windows open only when the outside temperature is cooler than indoors. We also recommend that seniors avoid using the stove or oven for prolonged periods on very hot days, as it increases indoor temperatures. At our nursing home in Rhode Island, we provide all meals, so residents here do not have to worry about cooking.
  • Avoid staying outdoors for extended periods: Too much sun exposure increases the risk of dehydration and hurts the eyes. Avoid outdoor excursions on hot days. Encourage elderly family members to stay in the shade when they go out for a walk. Also ensure they wear light clothing made of breathable fabrics that promote air flow and keep them cool.

Dehydration causes many health issues among seniors, such as falling, dizziness, confusion, impaired cognition and constipation. Research shows that it is one of the 10 main reasons for senior hospital visits. Summer is a particularly critical time when one must closely monitor hydration among seniors.

Senior African American Woman Relaxing by a TreeAt The Holiday Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Manville, Rhode Island, the health and wellness of our residents is top priority. Menus and activities are well-planned so that residents stay active in summer but do not run the risk of dehydration from over-activity. Customized care plans help our experienced nursing home staff deliver the level of personalized attention you or your family member may require. Over the years, many families have relied on us to care for their loved ones. You can trust our loving family to care for yours like our own.

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