Keeping a Healthy Heart in the Hot Months

Tips from the Experts at Our Independent Living Facility in West Hartford, CT

Senior Asian Couple Drinking Water After an Outdoor WalkHeart health is an important concern for aging seniors, and summer heat increases the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Many factors come into play—from how much water you drink to what clothes you wear. At our Independent Living Facility in West Hartford, we take the utmost care to keep our residents in good health. Here is some useful advice to help keep you and your loved ones healthy during the hot summer months, whether at home or in a retirement residence.

  1. Stay hydrated: While drinking plenty of fluids indoors is important, also make sure you take a bottle of water along when you go outside. Thirst, dry and/or sticky mouth are all signs that you are getting dehydrated. This puts a strain on your heart because the muscles aren’t able to function properly.
  2. Wear the right clothing: This not only means lighter clothing but lighter colors as well. Also ensure that your attire is made of fabric that ‘breathes’ well, so your skin stays healthy.
  3. Eat right: Maintain a nutritious diet. Choose lean meats for burgers and other cookout meals. Ensure you consume plenty of veggies and fruits. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine because they are dehydrating.
  4. Know the warning signs: Nausea, vomiting, severe muscle cramps and a rapid heartbeat are all signs of a heat stroke. You may also experience painful headaches or feel faint. The dizziness can make you disoriented or confused. Call 911 when this happens. Find a shaded area and remove some of your outer clothing to cool off. Splash water on your face or use a wet towel to reduce your body temperature till help arrives.
  5. Keep your home cooler: If you are not using an air conditioner, keep curtains and blinds drawn to maintain a lower indoor temperature. If your house is equipped with a House Fan, it’s a great idea to run it at nighttime when the temperature outside is cooler than the inside.

Senior Couple Walking on a Path and SmilingAt The Holiday Retirement Community in West Hartford, we are committed to keeping our residents safe and take special precautions to protect their well-being in the hot summer months. Staff is well trained to cater to the health and safety requirements of every resident within our independent living community. You can rely on us to care for you or your loved ones like our own family.

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