Tips to Clean Up and Keep a Clean Living Space

Help is Always Available at Our Independent Living Facility in West Hartford

A young lady cleaning the wardrobe while a senior woman watchesStruggling to keep your parent’s home or independent living residence clean and clutter-free? The condition of any living space has a direct impact on the health and well-being of its occupants. In the case of the elderly, it not only helps prevents sickness and unnecessary falls, bruises and injuries but also provides peace of mind and improves their outlook. Many seniors become anxious and agitated in untidy or dirty living conditions. Being unable to keep it clean and organized can also add to their stress. Our retirement residence team in West Hartford offers some easy tips to help maintain tidy and hygienic living conditions.

  • Declutter: Create more open space for easy movement and to prevent trips and falls. Revisit the design and layout of the home or the retirement residence and remove any unnecessary furniture. Especially check around entryways and access areas to other rooms and frequently-used spaces.
  • Keep things within reach: This will make it easier for them to access what they require as well as put things away. It also prevents accidents.
  • Get rid of things they don’t need: Sort unwanted items into two piles—one for donation and the other for garbage. The less you have, the easier it is to clean. If your parent or loved one is a hoarder, you might want to consider getting help from a mental health professional.
  • Set aside some cleaning time each week: Regular maintenance reduces the time and effort spent in cleaning. Get them involved in the cleaning with little tasks that are easy to accomplish. It gives them something to do and contributes to physical activity. Also make sure to check the refrigerator and pantry for expired foods.
  • Get help if needed: If they are finding it difficult to maintain a home, it might be time to consider a retirement residence where help is at hand. Or, if they are already in an independent living facility and need assistance, ask about a cleaning service.

Senior woman cleaning the houseAt The Holiday Retirement Community in West Hartford, the health, safety and comfort of our seniors is top priority. Our staff is well-trained to provide for each of our resident’s needs. Your loved ones can retire in style with all the services and amenities they require. You will have peace of mind knowing that they are being well-cared for with planned daily activities and dining, clean living conditions and a caring team.

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