Therapeutic Activities for Seniors with Memory Problems

Therapeutic Activities for Seniors with Memory Problems6 Easy Activities & Games for Senior Adults with Memory Problems


As we age, we become more prone to memory problems and other cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The experts in our assisted living community believe that there are a variety of activities that can keep you engaged in your senior years, even when you have any memory problems. It helps to think about your interests and hobbies you formerly enjoyed. Consider incorporating them into your regular activities. Remember that choosing failure-free exercises and games can help you. Check out our list of therapeutic activities that can help stimulate your brain and maintain your mental well-being.

Fun & Stimulating Activities for Seniors with Memory Concerns

  1. Play with Modeling Clay
    Modeling clay is ideal for stimulating tactile functions. It encourages you to be innovative and express creativity. This activity is also known to help with the functioning of multiple regions in your brain, trigger memories, and initiate conversations about your earlier experiences.
  2. Create a Memory Box
    A memory or rummage box is an excellent way to help you feel more connected to your past. All you have to do is get a container and fill it with photos of your loved ones, things you used at work, keepsakes or souvenirs, and objects from hobbies. Looking at them and recollecting the memories associated with the items can help stimulate your brain and is also good for your emotional well-being.
  3. Perform Household Tasks
    The specialists in memory care assisted living facilities believe that performing simple daily activities such as folding clothes and assisting with the dishes can help older adults. It can stimulate their memories from the past and keep them occupied as well. You could also help with preparing meals or baking special treats if you love cooking.
  4. Play a Mystery Guessing Game
    To boost memory stimulation, you could play a game that requires you to identify a mystery object. It involves picking up an item from a box and identifying what it is by simply feeling it. Articles that may be appropriate for this game include feathers, clothespins, small stuffed animals, or golf balls.
  5. Spend Time with Pets
    Being in the company of pets, cuddling and petting them, has been known to do wonders for older adults with memory problems. It can have a calming effect and can improve vital signs. In addition to enhancing tactile stimulation, spending time with pets can also help you remember memories of previous pets.
  6. Spend Time Outdoors
    here are many ways to spend time outdoors, which can help stimulate your brain and senses. You could go for a walk or sit on a bench in a local park to be closer to nature. In addition to being a pleasant experience, the sounds of the outdoors act as auditory stimulation.

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