Handling Issues in Assisted Living Care

Handling Issues in Assisted Living CareHandling Issues in Assisted Living Care


It may be difficult for seniors moving into an assisted living apartment to adapt to their new lifestyle. Although the staff will support you with anything you may need, it helps to communicate your requirements well. Read on to learn how to deal with any problems in your new life when living in an assisted living community.

6 Tips for Dealing with Issues in Senior Assisted Living

  1. Be Patient with Change

    You may have concerns regarding the day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, taking medications and more because the practices may be different from what you were used to before moving into an assisted living apartment. You could communicate details about your habits with the staff so they can understand what you need. It also helps to be patient when adjusting to the changes.

  2. Look for Options and Ask Questions

    If you have any problems, the best thing to do is look for alternatives and ask your caregiver for other options. For instance, if you do not like a particular dish served for lunch, you could ask them about different choices and choose one according to your liking. This approach may make your life comfortable and peaceful even in the new environment and help you adapt quickly.

  3. Document the Problem

    If you find something that is not up to your expectations, be sure to take note of it. If it is a recurring event, the documentation will help you assess the situation, and understand the circumstances better. It will also help the staff in your assisted living community to come up with a suitable solution.

  4. Address the Concerns Immediately

    Immediate feedback is essential, which is why it is better to communicate your problem as soon as the situation occurs. This will help the person in charge investigate the issue, assess the circumstances, and fix it accurately.

  5. Look for the Person Who Can Resolve the Issue

    Avoid talking about your problems with someone who cannot help resolve them. Instead, look for the person who is in charge to discuss your issues with. This will help the staff to understand your concerns correctly and fix them. For instance, if you feel the blinds in your room need dusting, talk to the housekeeping staff, and if you want to reschedule your day, talk to the care staff.

  6. Follow the Chain of Command

    If your problems do not get resolved even after talking to the staff, be sure to speak with a higher authority. It always helps to follow the chain of command and have a systematic approach to addressing your problems at your assisted living community.

We Offer Comfortable Assisted Living Apartments & Loving Senior Care

At Wyndemere Woods, we care about our residents and strive to ensure that they are comfortable. We have a friendly and efficient team to cater to your needs and make sure that you do not have any problems. Our aim is to provide safe, comfortable, and compassionate care to our residents while maintaining the dignity that they deserve. We take the utmost care to keep you happy and comfortable. Staff are present to address any problems that you may have and resolve them quickly.

For more information about our assisted living community, be sure to give us a call at 401-371-3220 or fill out our online form if you have any questions.

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