Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active in Winter

Winter Socializing Tips for Seniors from the Experienced Team at Our Independent Living Community in West Hartford, CT

Senior couple at winter outdoorsWinter can be a lonely season for senior adults that are forced to stay indoors because of the cold weather, mobility issues or a lack of transportation. Studies show that social engagement is integral to the health and well-being of seniors. Lack of social activity and inability to maintain meaningful relationships during winter can impact their physical, mental and emotional health.

The experienced team at our independent living facility in West Hartford, Connecticut shares valuable tips to help seniors stay active in the winter season.

  • Join a social group: Isolation and inactivity leads to a lack of motivation and loss of energy. Joining a social group that shares similar interests like knitting, sewing, pottery, painting, wood working or a book club, will keep you active and engaged.
  • Stay physically active: Exercise improves your energy levels, strengthens your body and helps prevent falls. Join a fitness or activity club in your community center or access the on-site exercise facilities in your retirement residence. From line dancing and yoga to aerobic classes and light stretching, there are activities catering to all levels and diverse interests. When it is warmer, consider going for a walk in the neighborhood with a neighbor or playing golf with friends.
  • Exercise your mind: Maintain cognitive health by engaging in mental activities for at least an hour every day in your retirement facility or community center. From playing cards, bingo and other games to discussing books you have read in your book club, there are many options to choose from. Stimulating your mind improves your mood, memory and overall health.
  • Use the Internet: Ask your kids or grandkids to show you how to use the Internet, set up video chat services like Skype on your computer or send texts and email to friends and family. You could find many interesting things to read here, catch up on local and international news, or get a Facebook account and keep in touch with family and friends. Video calling services are also available on your smart phone with WhatsApp.
  • Consider an independent living community: Senior communities organize plenty of activities both on and off the premises. Transportation is also provided. You will have plenty of opportunities to be active, socialize and have fun.

Portrait of elderly coupleResearch shows that elderly persons who socialize more often live longer and are less likely to suffer from physical and mental conditions that can affect those that are isolated. With a little bit of planning, it is possible to engage in social activities in the winter season.

Seniors live active, happy and fulfilled lives at The Holiday independent living community in West Hartford, Connecticut. A wide range of well-planned daily activities cater to diverse interests and give you plenty of opportunity to socialize and be active. A full range of services, delicious dining, personalized care from an experienced and dedicated team and the companionship of peers will make you feel totally comfortable in your new home.

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