How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Active during Retirement

Well-Planned Activities in an Independent Living Community Keep You Fulfilled

Senior couple mountain bykeFor most individuals, making a retirement plan means focusing on their finances. While this is important, so is leading a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Retirement can be a big adjustment. Lack of any goals and motivation often causes older adults to withdraw. This isolation can take a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. The experienced team at our independent living community in West Hartford, Connecticut offers valuable tips to help you lead an active and fulfilled life in your golden years.

  • Set short and long term goals: Whether it is going to an exercise program or a social group a couple of times a week, or long-term travel to places you always wanted to visit, having objectives will provide motivation to stay active. Choose activities that interest you and will keep you engaged and fulfilled. Explore social clubs or neighborhood groups available in your area.
  • Establish a regular routine: While the joy of retirement comes from not having a set schedule, it can also lead to a feeling of aimlessness and boredom. Having a routine can provide you with a sense of purpose. Whether it is planning a breakfast with gym buddies, brunch with friends or picnics with family, it will give you something to look forward to.
  • Exercise: Physical activity strengthens your body, keeps your mind alert and improves your mood. Studies show that regular exercise has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing falls. Join a gym or try exercise videos in the comfort of your home. This is ideal in the winter.
  • Pursue your hobbies or try something new: Now is the time to get back to doing the things you love but did not have time for in younger days. Whether it is fishing, golfing, painting, knitting or learning a new language or skill, it will provide fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Volunteer: Medical research indicates that volunteering offers significant health benefits for seniors. In addition to providing you with a sense of satisfaction from contributing to the community, volunteering helps seniors stay socially and emotionally engaged, meeting different people and making new friends.
  • Consider part-time work: If socializing and volunteering is not motivating or satisfying enough, consider working part-time. It will provide you with regular income and add to your nest egg.

Senior black woman and friend doing water aerobicsAt The Holiday independent living community in West Hartford, Connecticut, we arrange a wide range of well-planned daily activities to help our senior residents lead active and fulfilled lives. From an onsite fitness center to entertainment activities and outdoor excursions, you will have plenty of opportunities to socialize and have fun. A full range of services, delicious dining, and tender loving care by an experienced and dedicated team make you feel like you are on a permanent holiday. You can retire in style with all the amenities and support you desire. Families have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are happy and well-looked after here.

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