Retirement Living: Celebrating a Healthy Thanksgiving

Retirement Living: Celebrating a Healthy ThanksgivingCelebrating Thanksgiving When Living in a Retirement Community


Thanksgiving is an excellent time for appreciating all the good things in life. However, finding joy in the holiday can be challenging if you are dealing with health problems, dietary restrictions, and other common concerns that come with age. The experts in our retirement living community believe that you should not let these issues hamper the spirit of the holidays. Read on to learn what you can do to celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving in a retirement home.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your Senior Years

  1. Be Thankful
    A traditional Thanksgiving celebration involves showing appreciation for your family and friends. Even if you are living in senior retirement housing, you can practice your traditions, prepare family recipes, and share stories from the past holidays with other residents.
  2. Think Beyond Thanksgiving
    You can set up a gratitude tree and decorate it with notes about what you are grateful for in life. You can also share this activity with your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day. Hearing the words of gratitude is an excellent way to boost the positive spirit of the holiday.
  3. Participate More in Activities
    Try to keep yourself engaged in all the activities conducted in your retirement community home. You could also participate in arranging them to make yourself feel more connected to the celebration and enjoy with others in the facility.
  4. Manage Your Meals
    Seniors often face challenges when it comes to Thanksgiving meals in adult living communities. From heart-healthy turkeys to diabetes-friendly recipes, there are a variety of options available. You can familiarize the staff with your dietary requirements beforehand so they can plan the meals accordingly. This way, you can enjoy Thanksgiving without compromising your diet and health.
  5. Consider Your Mental Health
    As you age, Thanksgiving can become a reminder of the things you miss. This feeling can grow more intense and lead to negative thoughts. Be sure to watch for signs of holiday blues, such as sadness, anxiety, and depression. The aging experts in our adult living community recommend talking about your feelings with specialists to address the issues and work through them.
  6. Explore the Outdoors
    The holiday season is a great time to go outdoors. You could go for a walk, exercise or practice yoga, or sit on a park bench. Being close to nature can help you be happy. However, be sure to put on a cozy sweater and dress for the weather. You could also take along a warm fall beverage to enjoy the season.

The Holiday Offers the Best Retirement Living Community

If you are looking for an adult living community to spend your life after retirement, we can help you. The Holiday Retirement provides safe, comfortable, and convenient living options for seniors. We can help you maintain an independent lifestyle while taking care of your health. We have qualified staff to assist you.

Our key services include the following:

  • A variety of fun and exciting activities to keep our residents active and engaged
  • Freshly prepared in-house meals
  • Daily laundry and housekeeping
  • On-site beauty parlor

For more information about retirement community homes for seniors, call us at 860-337-6023 or book a location tour. We’ll be happy to guide you.

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