Eating Healthy & Within Your Budget as You Age

Eating Healthy & Within Your Budget as You AgeEating Healthy & Within Your Budget as You Age


It is crucial to have healthy habits such as consuming a balanced diet, especially as we age. This can ensure you get all the essential nutrients that help prevent health problems that are more likely to affect you in the later years of life.

Here are five tips from the experts in our senior living community to help you:

  1. Plan Your Meals
    Planning helps you to include healthy, choices. This will allow you to have a variety of foods and consume a balanced diet, ensuring you get all the essential nutrients. Try to include the following:

    • Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
    • Some foods such as rice and potatoes that contain starch
    • Milk and dairy products
    • Meat, eggs, and fish for proteins
    • Minimal quantities of foods that contain fats and sugar
  2. Look for Low-Cost Food
    While eating right is crucial, it helps to keep low-cost food items such as rice, lentils, beans, and pasta as the foundation or main course of your meals. You could have meatless meals several times a week, and still get your share of proteins if you combine portions of pasta, rice, or beans with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Eggs are also a great source of low-cost protein.
  3. Include Calcium-Rich Foods
    It is crucial to get enough calcium as you age, so make sure to include foods that contain calcium such as cheese, yogurt, milk, soy milk, and canned fish in your daily diet.
  4. Follow the Food Guide
    Try to eat varied foods from each food group as per the Food Guide. It represents the right number of servings you need to eat from each of the basic food groups and includes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and more. Make your shopping list accordingly so that your budget is optimally utilized.
  5. Remember to Have Fluids
    As you age, the likelihood of dehydration increases because the thirst sensation gets reduced. Be sure to have at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Try limiting the consumption of drinks such as soda and coffee as they tend to dehydrate the body.

We Provide Quality Care for the Residents in Our Senior Living Community in Hartford

We know the importance of eating right and staying healthy as we age. We have a dedicated team to cater to your needs and make sure that you consume healthy foods. We strive to create a warm and cozy home-like atmosphere and provide the following:

  • An in-house chef to prepare nutritious and balanced meals
  • Healthy and delicious home-cooked meals three times a day
  • Consideration for special dietary instructions
  • Personal attention to make sure that the residents attend meal times
  • Serving meals in the rooms when needed

For more information about our retirement home and senior living community in West Hartford, Connecticut, please reach out to our team by calling 860-233-8208.

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