5 Useful Tips to Avoid Age-Related Muscle Problems

5 Useful Tips to Avoid Age-Related Muscle Problems5 Steps to Avoid Muscle Loss in Your Senior Years


The process of aging often leads to sarcopenia or muscle loss. According to the experts in our assisted living community for seniors, if you do not have an active lifestyle, you have high chances of losing around 3% to 5% of your muscle mass starting at age 30. Moreover, this process tends to speed up between 60 – 75 years. Read on to learn a few useful ways to preserve your muscle mass and avoid such age-related tissue problems.

5 Steps to Avoid Muscle Loss in Your Senior Years

  1. Include Protein in Your Diet
    Diet plays a crucial role in preventing muscle loss. It helps to build and preserve tissues. This is why the specialists in our assisted living community recommend including protein-rich foods to improve your muscle health. Be sure to add animal meat, eggs, or legumes to your meals regularly. Also, combine it with a good source of calcium such as yogurt or milk.
  2. Learn Weight-Resistance Exercises
    As per the fitness experts in our assisted living retirement homes for seniors, weightlifting or weight-resistance training can help enhance your muscle health. If you are suffering from hip pain or backache, try hip thrusts and deadlift variations to enhance your strength and reduce pain. Talk to your doctor before adopting a new workout regimen to prevent any injury.
  3. Go for Regular Walks
    Regular walks are an easy and effective way to work your muscles. They can help improve all the systems in your body, including your cardiovascular health and bones. Adding daily walks into your routine will help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle and keep your muscles active.
  4. Have a Hobby
    In addition to exercising and walking, learning a new skill such as knitting, painting, and more helps you to fight off memory loss that comes with age. It also enhances your motor skills and keeps your muscles active.
  5. Perform Functional Movements
    Adding mini-workout sessions and including simple movements such as sitting up and down from a chair 5-10 times every day can enhance your strength, making your muscles stronger. Also, carrying lightly packed bags or grocery bags can be helpful. You could also consider squatting, low shelving, or picking up items from the floor to improve hip strength.

Keeping your muscles strong and healthy enhances your ability to complete fundamental tasks such as sitting on a chair, getting up from seats, moving around a room, picking up objects, and more. The sooner you try to adopt these habits, the more you’ll be able to reduce the chances of age-related muscle loss.

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