Tips on Healthy Exercise for Seniors

What the Experts at Our Independent Living Residence in West Hartford Recommend

A senior man exercising at an independent living residence gymBeing physically active is important for all, including seniors. Light aerobic activities like brisk walking and jogging improve oxygen and blood flow to boost overall health. However, it is important to consult a doctor about what type of exercise is suitable for seniors with heart disease and then start slowly. At our independent living community in West Hartford, well-trained staff provide for the unique needs of all residents. We have an experienced, caring team to assist you or your elderly loved one with recovery and rehabilitation after an ailment.

Exercise tips for seniors at home or in an independent living community

  • Warm ups or stretching: This is the foundation of any physical activity plan as it helps prepare your muscles for the exercise. Stretching increases flexibility, circulation and range of motion to prevent injury and muscle strain. Start by stretching your arms and legs slowly and hold each position for 30 seconds. You can expect to feel slight tension in the muscles but stop at once if you feel any pain.
  • Running or jogging: Several studies reveal that even 5 to 7 minutes of jogging or running (moderate intensity) has many health benefits. It helps reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight and sleep better. However, if you have never done it before or are doing it after a long time, it is preferable to start with brisk walking. Also, if you are just recovering from heart disease, consider working out with a certified physical trainer who can maximize your benefits keeping your health and safety in mind.
  • Strength training: Include strength training (also known as resistance or weight training) as part of your exercise regime. It gets your muscles to work together and improves strength. The American Heart Association also recommends weight training and suggests that it helps patients perform daily tasks like lifting groceries better. However, there are some heart ailments where weight lifting is not recommended. Before you begin, check with your doctor if resistance training is safe for you.

How to exercise safely:

  • Don’t exercise outdoors when it is too hot, humid or cold
  • Stay hydrated but don’t drink too much water
  • Pace yourself; don’t do too much too soon
  • If your exercise program has been interrupted for a few days, ease back in slowly
  • Don’t exercise if you are not feeling well or have a fever

Happy senior woman practicing yoga at an independent living residency gymAt The Holiday Retirement Independent Living Residence in West Hartford, we have a variety of fun-filled activities including chair exercises and stretching to promote physical and mental wellness. We can also accommodate dietary restrictions during your recovery.

When you entrust us with the care of your loved ones, rest assured that our family will look after yours like our own.

Call The Holiday Retirement Independent Living Residence, West Hartford at 860-233-8208 for more information or fill out our online form to book a tour.

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