Health Benefits of Being Optimistic & Positive

Health Benefits of Being Optimistic & PositiveIndependent Living Community


Being positive affects your wellbeing in a good way. Studies have proven that there is a direct relationship between your health and having a positive attitude. Being optimistic results in the following:

  • Lower chances of being affected by stress and depression.
  • An increased lifespan.
  • An enhanced immune system with increased resistance to diseases such as common cold.
  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • Better ability to handle stressful situations.

Merely being positive does not spur these health benefits. An optimistic attitude makes you choose a better routine including taking care of yourself physically, having good eating habits, and spending more time with your loved ones.

For many people, especially seniors, it can be quite challenging to have a positive and happy outlook on life. This may be because of the changing situations in your life such as health problems, declining abilities, or moving to a new place. In these instances, it’s important to remember that optimism is a choice and not something that just happens. If you’re curious how you can develop a positive attitude, the following tips may help:

  • Laugh Often
    You must have heard the famous phrase, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ This is very true as laughing can help relax your muscles, lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system. It also puts you in a good mood.
  • Make Healthier Choices
    When you have a healthy lifestyle, you tend to be happier. Improving your eating habits by including more vegetables and fruits and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day are a few examples of how to live a better lifestyle. To make exercising fun, you could also find a partner for your daily exercise routine.
  • Spend Your Time with Positive People
    When you are surrounded by people who are happy, supportive, and caring, they will have the same effect on you as well. By interacting with them, you’ll feel their positive energy.
  • Don’t Be Too Harsh on Yourself
    We are our biggest critics and more often than not, are quick to pinpoint our mistakes and flaws. Avoid beating yourself up, be kind, and focus on your positive aspects.
  • Find a Reason to Smile
    Although studies show that even fake smiles can reduce your stress, release endorphins and boost your happiness, real smiles are always better. Find a reason to smile and stay positive.

We Care About Your Health, Security & Smile

At The Holiday Retirement, independent living community we are aware of your needs and strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and love to make you feel comfortable and happy. Some of our key services include the following:

  • 24-hour friendly and understanding staff.
  • Entertaining and fun activities.
  • Fresh, delicious meals three times a day.
  • Essential utilities including cable television.
  • Daily laundry and housekeeping service.
  • Beauty parlor and barber shop on-site.

For more information about the services and facility in Hartford, you may get in touch with us by calling 860-233-8208. Also, feel free to fill out our online form to book a tour with us and explore our facility.

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