Benefits of Volunteering in a Retirement Community

Keeping Residents at Our Independent Living Facility Active and Happy

Seniors Volunteering for Breast Cancer Awareness Sign Up at Local EventVolunteering gives seniors a renewed sense of purpose and personal accomplishment. Research shows that it has many health benefits, including improving physical fitness and reducing the risk of isolation and depression. Having seen its physical and emotional advantages first hand, we encourage the residents at our independent living community to volunteer their time helping others.

Staying physically and mentally active contributes towards a better quality of life. Volunteering gives individuals and especially seniors, the opportunity to remain active and involved in the community. Many studies have been done on the advantages of volunteering. Here are 5 positive effects seen among seniors:

  1. Lower risk of depression as a result of greater interaction within the community
  2. A larger circle of peers and friends which reduces the risk of isolation
  3. A more positive outlook on life owing to a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  4. Improvements in memory because of their enhanced use of cognitive functions
  5. Enhanced fitness and fewer physical limitations on account of increased activity

Where can you Volunteer

Senior Volunteer Sorting Healthy Food DonationsIrrespective of whether you live at home or in a retirement community, there are plenty of opportunities to be a volunteer. Think about what you like to do. For instance, people who love pets can help at an animal shelter. Or, you could work with children or disabled people. Helping at a food bank or shelter for the less fortunate is also a great way to give back to the community. Look online for volunteer opportunities in your local area.

If you are not keen on travelling outside your independent living community, look for options within the facility itself. At The Holiday Retirement Community in West Hartford, we have many activities and we value the help of our residents. Friendly and caring staff is always ready and willing to support your efforts.

The physical, social and emotional well-being of our seniors is very important to us. You won’t have to worry about your loved ones being lonely or bored in our independent living community. Each day brings many opportunities to mix and mingle, have fun and enjoy the golden years in the company of friends under the caring, watchful eye of dedicated staff.

Give us a call at 860-233-8208 for information on volunteering or to learn more about our independent living facility in West Hartford, Connecticut. Fill out our online form to book a tour.

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