Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Activities for Seniors with Limited MobilityActivities for Seniors with Limited Mobility


People tend to have limited mobility with age for a variety of reasons such as an injury and medical conditions like arthritis and strokes. Studies show that this can also have mental and physical consequences. As an established retirement community, we often get people asking what activities are good for seniors. Read on to learn about several activities you can enjoy despite having limited mobility.

7 Fun Indoor Activities for Elderly People

  1. Chair Yoga
    Yoga has been known to improve overall health, including physical and mental well-being. It offers many benefits such as improved flexibility and strength, better focus and concentration, and reduced joint pain. Despite not being able to move around much, you could do simple positions such as candle pose, raised hands, and seated spinal twist.
  2. Arts and Crafts
    Engaging in activities that involve creative thinking tends to keep your mind sharp and can strengthen your hand muscles. You could try origami, knitting, drawing, painting, making quilts, and more. These activities are fun, refreshing, and help to increase your patience as well.
  3. Indoor Games
    You could play fun games with your family and friends. Set out some snacks and juices to have a great time. Bingo, Charades, Pictionary, and card games such as Rummy are a few examples of games that you can play. Playing indoor games can prevent you from feeling isolated and help improve your mental state. It is also a nice way to spend time with your loved ones.
  4. Exercise
    Most people associate exercise with a gym or being outdoors. However, if you have limited mobility, you could do a few exercises inside your room to engage yourself and ensure proper blood circulation. Slight arm and leg movements and chair exercises similar to chair yoga can help improve your strength and agility.
  5. Gardening
    Gardening is known to have a positive effect on people. Although you may find it difficult to tend to an outdoor garden, you could grow an indoor herb garden. All you need is a small pot or a box to sow the seeds and keep it on a windowsill that gets enough sunlight. You will have something to look forward to doing every day by tending to these plants. Parsley, oregano, and lavender are a few common herbs that grow well indoors.
  6. Reading
    Reading is an excellent activity for seniors. It can reduce stress, keep the brain engaged, improve memory and concentration, and help you sleep better. Whether you like reading magazines, physical books, listening to audiobooks, or using an e-reader, you can engage yourself in a well-told story and learn about new, interesting things.
  7. Movies and Music
    Although watching television all day isn’t considered healthy, you can enjoy watching a movie, TV shows, a documentary on a topic you like, the Travel Channel, or food channels such as Food Network. Listening to music is another fun activity while spending time indoors. Studies show that it can help reduce anxiety, stress, and pain. It can also improve your memory and help you sleep better.

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