5 Easy Ways to Prevent Seniors from Falling Out of Bed

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Seniors from Falling Out of BedAssisted Living Community in Woonsocket


While everyone is at risk of falling out of bed if they aren’t careful, seniors are particularly vulnerable to this. It is dangerous and could lead to severe injuries if you have brittle bones. According to the experts in our assisted living community, multiple factors can cause you to fall out of bed. Understanding them and taking preventive measures can be helpful. Read on to learn about the reasons why seniors fall off the bed and a few simple ways to prevent it.

Reasons Why Seniors Fall Out of Bed

There could be a variety of things that can cause you to fall off the bed, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Medical conditions such as hypotension or vertigo
  • Mental conditions such as Alzheimers or dementia
  • Reaction to specific medication
  • Morning stiffness
  • Inadequate lighting or poor vision

5 Ways to Avoid Falling from Your Bed

  1. Keep Your Bedroom’s Layout Consistent
    The easiest way to reduce the chances of falling off your bed is to maintain the same setup in your bedroom. The familiar layout will help you adjust and allow you to know where everything is in the room. It also helps to keep a bedside table for essential items such as medication and glasses, so you don’t have to get up often.
  2. Address Health Issues Immediately
    Health conditions can cause mobility problems and affect your well-being in many ways. The aging experts in our assisted living community believe that vision problems, vertigo, and other similar concerns must be addressed by consulting with a specialist. This can help you learn how to manage them and lead a safe and comfortable life.
  3. Use Platform or Low Beds
    The benefit of sleeping on a platform or a low bed is that the distance from the ground is less. Lowering the height of your bed helps to minimize the chances of serious injuries if you fall. Positioning it against a wall will create an effective barrier on one side. Also, you can add a bedside floor mat as an additional precaution.
  4. Use Pillows
    You could add pillows to the edges of your bed to help prevent falling off. Try doubling up a few head pillows or use body-length pillows to add to your sides when sleeping. Be sure to use thick and fluffy ones to avoid rolling over too far.
  5. Install Bed Rails
    Most aging specialists recommend using bed rails to prevent falling out of bed. It is a common and effective solution as they are easy to install and use. They can keep you contained in the bed, and you can also use them to pull yourself up.

We Offer Comfortable Assisted Living Retirement Homes for Seniors

If you are having trouble with everyday chores and need additional help, the specialists in our assisted living community can help. We provide loving care and comfortable housing to our residents. We also offer a wide range of services and amenities to ensure their safety. We have qualified and friendly staff to cater to their needs.

For more information about our assisted living community in Woonsocket, feel free to call us at 401-371-3220. You could also schedule a tour of our facility to learn more about us.

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