Will My Parent Fit Into An Independent Living Community in West Hartford?

seniors having a good conversation during lunch at the tableA retirement community is an excellent choice for seniors looking for companionship and a lifestyle that is free of the responsibilities associated with maintaining a home. There are many different types of senior homes in the West Hartford area of Connecticut. Choosing the right one for your parent or loved one is important to ensure a happy and fulfilled life.

Key considerations for selecting an independent living community

The primary requirement for moving into an independent living community is that your parent is in good health overall. Another good question to ask is whether mom or dad can manage doctor’s appointments or their medications on their own?

Here are some other considerations:

  • Living with peers: Determine if your parent will be happy living in a retirement community with people closer to their age, and can participate in the activities offered there.
  • Budget: Cost of living is another important consideration when selecting independent living in the West Hartford area or anywhere else. See which seniors’ community best fits your needs and budget.
  • Age: Some retirement communities may cater to specific age groups. The services they provide might also be based on this factor. In some senior homes, for instance, residents are required to do their own cooking and cleaning. Is your parent up to the task?
  • Type of residence: While some retirement communities are condominiums or modular, others may be like single homes. Determine which one is best suited to your parent’s lifestyle.
  • Services: Independent living communities offer the comfort and security of an active, safe and carefree lifestyle. Yet they differ in the types of services they provide. Some might offer the option of cooking and cleaning services or personal care while others may not.

If your parent needs help with daily activities or has a deteriorating medical condition, it might be preferable to consider assisted living or a nursing home.

What’s the difference between assisted living and a nursing home?

Senior Adult Friends Playing DominoesAssisted living offers an independent lifestyle with the option of having help from trained staff when it is required. If your parent needs some assistance with personal care or other daily tasks, this type of seniors’ home is ideal. Some families may also choose this option keeping in mind that needs change as you age.

A nursing home on the other hand, is designed for individuals who require constant monitoring and medical care. If your parent finds it difficult to get around independently or needs special care when ill, then this is a good option.

Activities at an independent retirement community

Independent living communities support an active lifestyle and offer many fun-filled programs for their residents. Activities may range from exercise facilities to arts and crafts, games and excursions.

The Holiday Retirement independent living community in West Hartford, Connecticut has two spacious recreation rooms where games, birthday parties and holiday celebrations are organized. Other activities include musical performances, movie shows, spa days, and more. Our lively and creative activity director, Evelyn, is very popular with our residents for all the exciting programs she plans.

Are you looking for the best independent living community in West Hartford, Connecticut? We care for your loved ones like family. Your parent will love it here.

Call us today at 860-233-8208 to book a tour of our facility.

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