Why Senior Homes in West Hartford are a Better Alternative to Home Care

Group of senior people in the park of a senior homeIf you are finding it difficult to keep up with the rising cost of home care, consider senior homes in West Hartford. Your mom or dad will have company in their golden years while enjoying expert care from a warm, friendly and professional team of caregivers. Many families have realized that moving an aging parent to a retirement home is a better option to providing in-home care. At our independent living facility in West Hartford, your seniors will enjoy dignity, respect and comfort while maintaining their independence.

Further rise in cost of home care

Many families rely on paid caregivers to look after elderly parents or family members. However, cost is expected to go up considerably since this category of workers will now be covered by minimum wage and overtime laws as per new Connecticut legislation. Because of the legislation more families will find it difficult to afford an in-home caregiver. Also, charges depend on how much care is needed which means that cost can add up quickly as the individual receiving care grows more dependent on a caregiver.

The advantages of senior homes in West Hartford

  • Full range of services and amenities to meet your loved one’s needs
  • A safe and secure home with some assistance should it be required
  • Plenty of opportunities to socialize and stay active which promotes health and wellness

Senior woman sitting with friends at a lounge in a senior homeIf you are looking for senior homes that will cater to your parent’s needs, visit The Holiday Retirement Independent Living Residence in West Hartford. We look after our senior residents with the love, attention and care they require. Our seniors enjoy many exciting activities and fun-filled entertainment programs which boosts their zest for life. They enjoy their independence as well as the company of friends. Come talk to us about a care plan for your loved one. The happiness on your senior’s face and the peace of mind you will enjoy, make it worth it.

With the increasing costs of home care over the past several years, senior homes like The Holiday are a great idea for your loved one.

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