Why Now Is the Time to Do Something About Your Parents Living Alone Part 2

Why Now Is the Time to Do Something About Your Parents Living Alone Part 2While talking to your parents about moving to a retirement facility, it is critical to express all of the reasons why you feel it is a benefit to them to make this transition sooner rather than later. Sometimes, these factors can include things such as the time of year. At The Holiday, we feel the spring and summer months are a great time to make the move.

  • Better Weather Makes It Easier to Move: During the spring and summer months, moving is a much easier task. The weather is nicer, there’s no snow to try to carry objects or boxes through, and you don’t have to worry about icy conditions while you transport belongings from one place to the next. Overall, moving is usually safer, easier, and a more pleasant task to undertake during these warmer months.
  • Avoid Potential Summer Injuries: Talking to your parents about moving into a senior community makes even more sense during the hot months. The warm weather can be particularly hard on seniors. For example, simple tasks such as yard work can become dangerous if it is too muggy or sunny out due to issues such as heatstroke. Another possibility for danger is if the air conditioning unit breaks in the home, leading to an overheated and humid indoor space with nowhere to cool off. In a retirement community, there is no worry about the potential hazards of the heat as temperatures are properly maintained, and any outdoor work and strenuous activity is taken care of.
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Summer: The summer months come with more free time, longer days, great weather, and beautiful greenery to take in. When your parents make the move to a senior living community, they won’t have to take care of and maintain their home or worry about daily tasks that need to be tended to, leaving them more time to enjoy the summer and what they love to do. The Holiday has beautiful areas outside that are perfect for sitting, reading, and relaxing.
  • Enlist the Help of Younger Family Members While They’re Off School: Children and grandchildren in college and high school are the perfect resources to help with a move. During the summer, they’re likely not in school and will have more availability to assist with packing, sorting, transporting, and unloading belongings, helping to relieve some of the stress from your parents of moving and transitioning from their home to a senior living facility.

Here at The Holiday Independent Living Retirement Community, we are a family-owned business in our 50th year serving West Hartford, Connecticut. The monthly rent each resident pays covers all the services and amenities we provide. Each resident receives their own unit with individually controlled heating and air conditioning, as well as a call system in the bedroom and bathroom to be able to reach our 24/7 staff if needed in an emergency. Three meals are prepared fresh each day to provide a great nutritional selection and appeal to a variety of tastes.

All utilities except for internet and phone lines are included in the rent, and we invite you to bring your own furniture to help make your new home feel more comfortable. Pets are welcome provided they are building appropriate and able to be adequately cared for by the resident. There are no age requirements to live at The Holiday, as we understand circumstances may mean individuals of any age would benefit from residing in our community.

Give us a call at 860-233-8208 to learn more about what we provide at our independent living facility in West Hartford, Connecticut. Fill out this online form if you would like to book a tour.

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