What is Senior Malnutrition & How to Address It

What is Senior Malnutrition & How to Address It Malnutrition in Seniors


Malnutrition is the failure to get adequate nutrition. Although it affects both young people and adults, it is quite prevalent among seniors and can have an adverse impact on your psychological and physical well-being. Malnutrition can also weaken your immune system, cause weakness in the muscles, and increase the risk of falls. Learn what the staff at our retirement community have to say about malnutrition in older adults so you can recognize the signs and address it.

Reasons for Malnutrition in Seniors

According to the nutrition experts in our retirement community, malnutrition in older adults is typically caused by a combination of problems. Listed below are a few common reasons:

  • The usual changes associated with aging, including variations in smell, taste, and appetite, may make it difficult for you to enjoy food.
  • Dental issues or health concerns may decrease your appetite.
  • Dietary restrictions imposed to manage your medical conditions can make it difficult for you to get enough nutrition.
  • Psychological concerns such as depression and isolation may often lead to loss of appetite.
  • Social factors, such as inadequate transportation or limited income, may adversely affect your eating habits.

Identifying the Signs of Malnutrition

Look out for physical issues, including weight loss, bruising, and dental problems. The specialists in our independent senior living facilities recommend evaluating your eating habits. Ask yourself whether your preferences have changed significantly in recent years.

If you feel the need to talk to a doctor about your nutritional needs, do not hesitate to make an appointment. This will help you determine any physical, psychological, or dental problems that may affect your intake of food. You can also check with a pharmacist about drug-food interactions and the side effects of specific medications that may have an impact on your appetite, ability to absorb nutrients, or digestion.

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Malnutrition in Seniors

  • Monitor your weight and eating habits regularly.
  • Have nutritious and appealing meals, including nuts, egg whites, cheese, fresh herbs and seasonings, and more.
  • Include healthy snacks between meals.
  • Arrange social events by planning meals with your loved ones so you can enjoy your food.
  • Be sure to get regular exercise to stimulate your appetite.
  • The specialists in our retirement community also suggest keeping track of all your medications, including the dosages, side effects, and more.

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