Types of Care You Can Get in an Assisted Living Facility

Types of Care You Can Get in an Assisted Living Facilitysenior housing facilities


If you are looking for a place to stay that offers physical as well as medical care, an assisted living facility is the right choice. These facilities typically offer a home-like environment and can help promote your independence even when you require professional assistance for daily living. They provide excellent infrastructure with patient-friendly features and everything you may need for a comfortable life. Read on to learn what types of services these senior housing facilities can offer.

Types of Services Assisted Living Facilities Offer

Although assisted living facilities differ in such details as the housing type and style, food service, and additional amenities, they generally offer the following services:

  • Expert Health Services
    Health is a top priority, and these facilities have a variety of programs in place to help their residents maintain an active and healthy life. Here are some health care services that you may expect at an assisted living community:

    • A customized health care plan based on individual needs and preventive measures
    • Round-the-clock nursing services and qualified staff
    • Medication management and support
    • An emergency call button system to offer immediate assistance whenever required
    • Special health care, including tailored exercise routines and diet monitoring
    • Regular medical checkups
    • Short-term stay and respite care after a surgery
  • Personal Assistance
    One of the main reasons why seniors typically look for assisted living communities is because they need personal assistance. Whether you need complete care or a little support, the specialists at these facilities can help you. Personal care services include the following:

    • Assistance with daily living and personal needs such as bathing and dressing
    • Freshly prepared, delicious, and nutritious food, including room delivery, if required
    • Local transportation
    • Housekeeping services, including laundry and room cleaning
    • Access to beauty parlors and salons
    • Help with daily chores
    • Comfortable guest room for your visitors
  • Lifestyle Services
    Most assisted living facilities strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their residents and offer a variety of services to ensure their comfort and safety, including the following:

    • Essential utilities including heat and air conditioning
    • Life enrichment activities, including wellness programs to stimulate physical and mental well-being
    • Outings and trips
    • Educational programs, discussions, and fun-filled entertainment activities such as games and movie nights
    • Cultural and social events such as birthday parties and festival celebrations
    • Round-the-clock security

Get Quality Care at Our Assisted Living Facility in Rhode Island

At Wyndemere Woods, we offer the best assisted living apartments and senior housing facilities. We strive to enhance the quality of life while ensuring your independence by providing essential amenities. We have qualified and friendly staff to take care of your needs. We place the utmost importance on health, security, and comfort of our residents and make sure that our residents have round-the-clock assistance. We strive to create a happy and lively atmosphere to make them feel comfortable and at home when staying in one of our assisted living units.

If you are looking for a place to stay where your physical well-being is taken care of without curbing your independence, consider giving us a call at 401-371-3220 to speak to one of our representatives. You could also learn more about our assisted living facilities by filling out our online form.

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