Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Community

Tips for Touring an Assisted Living CommunityAssisted Living Community


If you need help with your daily activities as you age, it helps to consider living in an assisted living facility. When choosing one, it’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful lobbies and lush grounds of a facility. However, remember to look beyond that and consider all the essential aspects. Read on to learn what factors to look for when touring a senior assisted living facility that can help you make an informed decision.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Touring a Senior Assisted Living Facility

  1. Consider Staff-Resident Relationships
    The number of staff members will influence the quality of care you will receive, which is why it helps to ask about the resident-to-staff ratio. Also, see if the staff is familiar with the residents and their needs, notice whether they have a warm and friendly relationship and if they treat the residents with dignity and respect. Inquire about the turnover rate and know that a higher rate often means the community is not well managed. In addition to this, find out what protocol they follow in case of an emergency.
  2. Observe the Level of Hygiene and Cleanliness
    Look past the furnishings and decor and make sure the community looks and smells good. Ask how often housekeeping and laundry services are available for the residents. Look for indications that the facility is well-kept and consider the overall appeal of the assisted living facility. Make sure the infrastructure is patient friendly. Ask yourself whether you would like to live there.
  3. Chat with the Residents
    Talking to the residents will help you understand how well the community is managed. You could ask them for their feedback, including what their schedule is like and whether they are comfortable. If the facility has a website, remember to check it out, and be sure to read the customer reviews.
  4. Ask About Personal Care, Healthcare, and Security
    When touring the senior assisted living facility, ask about personal care, including discussing bathing and grooming, food, and more. Inquire about the services of doctors and other specialists to learn whether immediate medical assistance is available. Also, check their security and safety policies.
  5. Inquire About Day Trips and Transportation
    Visit the outdoor areas, ask whether they have outdoor activities and arrange for day trips, and check out the additional facilities such as salon, gym, and recreational space. Also, inquire about the transportation facilities that are available for the residents.

We Offer Compassionate Care and Comfortable Housing

At The Holiday Retirement, we offer the best facilities in our assisted living in Rhode Island. We have qualified and dedicated staff who treat our residents with the respect, care, and love that they deserve and are trained to handle personal health requirements. They are available to assist with your needs. Our daily activities and dining encourage social interaction. In addition to this, we conduct activities that stimulate mental and physical wellness. Also, we organize games, exercise routines, birthday parties, and more to keep our residents engaged and active.

For more information about our assisted living facilities in Rhode Island, give us a call at 401-762-4226. You could also take a virtual photo tour of our facility to learn more.

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