Tips for Embracing the Moment with Seniors

Retirement Activities to Help Your Loved One Live Life to the Fullest

Fun Activities During RetirementTaking part in physical and social activities during retirement helps keep seniors active, engaged and fulfilled. Activity has important life benefits for people of all ages, especially retirees who now have more time on their hands. It lowers the risk of depression, reduces cognitive decline and keeps them socially connected.

Are you looking for ways to engage mom or dad socially? At The Holiday, retirement activities range from energizing exercise classes to fun entertainment. Our dedicated activity director offer a list of activities for helping your seniors pass their time and have fun after retirement.

Fun Activities during Retirement

  • Walks: A walk in the park or around the neighborhood with friends is the easiest way to stay physically and socially active. Even if it is once a week, the fresh air and company will do wonders for their health and emotional well-being. Friendships are like food for the soul and help reduce stress and anxiety. It is also a good way to start exercising if you have not been active for a while. It works the large muscles in the legs and keeps them from losing strength. Help your senior make a walk schedule so that they will have something to look forward to. When it is too cold to walk outside, arrange for a ride to the local shopping center or mall.
  • Chair exercises: From simple toe taps and knee lifts to arm circles (with or without an exercise ball), chair exercises help seniors improve muscle flexibility and strength without putting a strain on their bodies. By increasing stability and blood circulation, they reduce the risk of falls and make daily physical activities easier. Download exercises off the Internet, purchase a DVD, or ask your physician for suggestions.
  • Music: Hundreds of studies have documented the relaxing and restorative power of music. It enhances mood and overall cognitive abilities, improves communication in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, and reduces pain, stress and anxiety. From old favorites to the latest hits, encourage your seniors to listen to and enjoy different types of music.
  • Puzzles and games: Word puzzles and math games keep the brain working and reduce cognitive decline. Whether it is the daily crossword and Sudoku or old favorites like checkers, cards and bingo, there are plenty of games to help them pass their time and keep the mind sharp.
  • Volunteering: Working with others and serving the community creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment for seniors. Look for opportunities in your retirement residence, community center or place of worship. Volunteering is also a great way to stay socially connected and make new friends.

Tips to Care for Seniors

  • Spend quality time with them: The nicest way to embrace the moment and create positive memories with your elderly loved ones is to spend quality time with them. Whether it is watching a television show at home, taking them out to Sunday breakfast or the mall, or just sharing a cup of coffee and conversation for an hour or two every couple of days, even the smallest acts show them that you care.
  • Be patient: Dealing with life’s changes is as frustrating for seniors as it is for their caregivers. When their slowness, loss of self-confidence and forgetfulness pushes you to the limit, it is worth remembering the love and patience with which they attended to us when we were children. Understand their fears of being in uncharted territory and help them navigate the road blocks with patience. No one remains young forever!

Tips to Care for SeniorsAt The Holiday retirement communities, our wide range of activities and programs help our retirees live life to the fullest. Our high quality services include well-appointed accommodations with personalized care, nutritious and delicious meals, entertainment, and outdoor excursions to make you feel like you are on a permanent holiday. You or your elderly loved one can retire in style!

Give us a call at 860-233-8208 to learn more about the services and amenities we provide at our retirement communities in Rhode Island and West Hartford, Connecticut. Fill out this online form to book a tour.

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