The Holiday Times September, 2015

It’s time again for Team Holiday to Walk To End Alzheimer’s!

holiday Retirement event sept 2015We are raising money to help support people with the disease as well as their families and caregivers. Also to help fund education about the disease and research to find a cure.

Keep your eyes posted for our raffles and bake sales.

If you would like to join our team or make a donation, see someone in Activities.

walk to end alzheimer



Theresa Plante 9-1

Helen Nelson 9-12

Adrienne L’Esperence 9-13

Clifford Moore 9-17

Simone Zangari 9-17

Irene Cournoyer 9-26

Armand Champagne 9-27


From Diane’s Desk

Here we are again; another month has come and gone and we are already thinking autumn and holidays. August was a busy month here with lots of entertainment and other fun things. The paint and party has been a success. People seem to be really enjoying that. They are having fun with their artsy side and we have some good painters to be sure.

September 19th- MARK THE DATE!

It’s our annual Classic Car Show. We have such a great turn out of the old classics you don’t want to miss it! DJ Jazzy Karen will be back spinning the records for us and lunch will be available to purchase as well as some raffles. Please join us.

On September 15th our jewelry lady Rita DeFalco will be set up in the Jamestown Lounge from 10 until 4. Nicolas King and Polka Paul will be here this month too.

For now, enjoy what’s left of the summer and…

I hope to see you in Activities



As the air turns cooler and leaves drop from the trees, keeping in mind fall season safety tips helps keep you and your family protected from seasonal dangers.


  • Make sure your home heating system is in good working order.
  • Have a professional evaluate the system and address any potential problems.
  • Have you chimneys inspected and cleaned.
  • Remember, if you are using a space heater, allow at least three feet of empty space around the heater.
  • Never use a stove or oven to heat your residence.


  • Walkways and stairs should be kept free of leaves and other objects that may cause a slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Keep your driveway clear of leaves.
  • Wet leaves can create a slip hazard not only for walking but driving as well.
  • Use extra caution if you are cleaning your gutters. Shoes may become wet causing you to slip as you climb a ladder.
  • Make sure the ladder is at the correct angle and on solid ground.
  • Raking leaves can be stressful, take frequent breaks.


  • If you plan are burning leaves, first learn about outdoor burning regulations in your area.
  • Call your local fire department about outdoor burning regulations.
  • The burning of leaves or other plant debris should never be conducted near your home. 
  • Check the weather forecasts before outdoor burning; you should never burn in windy conditions.


  • Remember that wet leaves on the roadway can become slippery, so use caution.
  • During the fall season, deer activity increases, so be alert to deer entering the roadway.
  • Leaves on the roadway can cover road hazards such a potholes or objects on the pavement.
  • Children love to play in piles of leaves. Use extra caution where leaves are piled at the curbside.


Summer Vacations For Occupations

Pianist- Key West, FL
Jeweler- Pearl City, HI
Artist- Painted Desert, AZ
Candy Maker- Carmel, IN
Politician- Dodge City, KS
Loan Officer- Fairbanks, AK
Manicurist- Finger Lakes, NY
Gossip Columnist- Grapevine, TX
Firefighter- Great Smoky Mountains


Fake Names Given To Substitute Teachers

Ben Gay           Sam Boney
Jim Shou        Frank Furter
Liz Onya         Anne Chovy
Polly Gon          Sandy Beech
Bud Wiser           Eileen Dover
Ben Dover          Art E. Choke
Dee Ploma          Barb De Wyre
M.T. Pages       Chuck Waggon

September Days To Celebrate:

4th Eat An Extra Dessert Day
5th international Bacon Day
6th National Coffee Ice Cream Day
9th Teddy Bear Day
13th National Grandparents Day
16th National Collect Rocks Day
19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day
21st International Day of Peace
24th National Punctuation Day
27th National Corned Beef Hash Day
30th National Chewing Gum Day

Our Day At Colt State Park


We had a beautiful at Colt State Park!



Take Me Out To The Ball Game!










Nothing’s better than beer & baseball

Farm Visits



Such a fun day spent visiting with the animals on the 18th


We had baby bunnies, baby chicks, a baby goat and Peaches the baby pig!



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