Reasons for Loss of Appetite in Seniors & Ways to Deal with It

Reasons for Loss of Appetite in Seniors & Ways to Deal with ItAppetite in Seniors


According to specialists in reputable retirement communities, loss of appetite is a natural aspect of the aging process. This is because the metabolic rate slows down with age, and the amount of physical activity also decreases. Although minor changes in appetite don’t always mean a critical health problem, it is wise to take steps to ensure you get enough nutrients. Read on to learn more about the common causes of loss of appetite and how you can deal with it.

Factors that Cause Loss of Appetite in Seniors

  • Lack of interest in food because of changing taste buds
  • Loneliness, depression, and negativity
  • Lack of energy to prepare a meal and tiredness from inadequate sleep
  • Health conditions, such as dementia
  • Side effects of specific medication

Easy Ways to Stimulate Your Appetite

Whether you live in a senior home or with your family, it helps to know about the following to ensure you get the essential nutrients:

  • Follow a Regular Eating Schedule
    According to the experts in senior retirement communities, your appetite may drastically change if you do not follow the usual patterns. In such cases, remember to add a small snack or beverage during the usual mealtime. This will help stimulate the hunger signals in your body, allowing you to have proper meals.
  • Add Healthy Calories to Your Meals
    You don’t need to consume big meals or huge portions to ensure you get the right nutrients. If you have a low appetite, instead of trying to increase the volume of your food, consider improving the nutrient density of every meal. Also, add additional healthy calories in the form of peanut butter, olive oil, baked beans, almonds, avocado, and more.
  • Have Social Meals
    Having negative thoughts as a result of depression and loneliness can reduce your appetite. This is why specialists in most retirement communities encourage seniors to have more social meals. You can look into meal options with your friends, family, community or senior centers, social groups, and more. This practice will help create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere and provide you with opportunities for social interaction as well.
  • Learn about Medication Side Effects
    It helps to know that certain medicines tend to affect your appetite. If meat tastes metallic to you, try including vegetarian sources of protein such as legumes, dairy products, or soy in your meals. If the water tastes off, you may try adding pieces of lemon or cucumber to it. It always helps to talk to your doctor about such changes and follow their instructions to avoid difficulties or health complications in the future.

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