Moving to an Assisted Living Facility When You Have Dementia

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility When You Have DementiaMoving to an Assisted Living Facility When You Have Dementia


When you have Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, it could be challenging to keep yourself safe and engaged at home. This is because memory conditions are tough to navigate, especially when you do not have family members to support you in your senior years. From infrastructural problems to nutritional issues and concerns about wandering, you should consider all the critical aspects to ensure a safe and comfortable life. Exploring memory care assisted living facilities can help enhance safety and improve your quality of life. However, many seniors associate moving to an assisted housing facility with anxiety and stress. Read on to learn how to plan and ensure a smooth transition to a new environment when suffering from dementia or other memory conditions.

Can You Live in an Assisted Living Facility with Dementia?

Understanding the difference between memory care and assisted living facilities is essential.

  • Assisted living – is for seniors who require support with activities of daily living, such as preparing meals, bathing, grooming, and more, but do not require not around-the-clock assistance.
  • Memory care facilities – are specifically designed for seniors with dementia and other cognitive concerns. They have qualified staff to offer high-level care for patients with similar conditions.

If you have dementia, you can significantly benefit from routine and structure, which is why you may live in an assisted living community in the earlier stages of the disease. However, staying in a facility that offers memory care as the disease progresses is beneficial because managing the symptoms associated with dementia can be challenging. Thus, you can choose a suitable senior living facility depending on your health condition and the level of care needed to live a safe and healthy life. Doing so will ensure you have a suitable environment to deal with memory loss.

How to Move to Assisted Housing When You Have Dementia

Find a Facility You Trust

Take the time to research and find the best place for you. When searching for an assisted living retirement home, ensure they have the following to care for residents with dementia:

  • The infrastructure and capacity
  • Resources
  • Qualified staff to provide proper support to the residents

In addition, ensure the facility takes the time to understand the residents’ needs and problems to come up with ideal solutions to avoid moving to a different community again. Thus, choosing a facility with friendly staff that cares for you like their own is crucial. Discuss it with them if you need additional support and specialized memory care.

Visit the Assisted Housing Before Moving

Moving into a new community has several challenges, such as loneliness and helplessness, adjusting to new life, getting acquainted with new people, and more. It is wise to maximize your exposure to the assisted living community by visiting the facility a few times to check everything. Find comfort points in the community and develop familiarity with the staff and other residents. Ask if you can attend events to understand how they treat the patients. This way, you can get some peace and comfort when moving into an assisted living home.

Understand the Facility’s Approach to Memory Care

Each facility is different in the way they approach memory care for seniors. Some offer assisted living options with memory care, while others have resources to treat patients with memory issues. When doing your research, check if they have the experience to support people with similar needs. Ask about their staff and ensure they are passionate and provide personalized care and a positive resident experience. Browse their program specifically for patients in memory care units.

Consider Your Moving Time

Seniors with dementia usually have bad and good times of the day. Although the disease is unpredictable, it is beneficial to schedule your move, ensuring it coincides with the best time of day. Hire a relocation company to assist you if possible to reduce the stress of moving to a new place. In addition, think of the weather conditions to avoid transportation problems.

Pack Wisely

Keep souvenirs and cherished things with you when moving to an assisted living retirement home to ensure everything is comfortable and familiar. However, consider the space available to you and plan the move accordingly. Some of the items you could bring along are as follows:

  • A cozy blanket or quilt that reminds you of home
  • Photo albums for memories and favorite pieces of clothing
  • Anything of spiritual significance
  • Personal care items and essentials

Remain Calm and Positive on the Move-in Day

There will be many emotions when moving to a new place. Be patient, try to remain calm, and have a positive demeanor to ensure a smooth transition and adjust to the environment. Remember that you have skilled and compassionate professionals to cater to your needs.

Acknowledge the Transition will Take Time

In addition to having a positive attitude, remember that relocating to an assisted living community is not easy. It will take time to accept the changes. Be confident about your decision and trust the staff to take care of your well-being and safety.

Familiarize Yourself with the Environment

Surround yourself with familiar things to help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with memory problems. Consult with professionals in the facility to develop thoughtful programs. Try to recreate your home environment in your new suite or apartment by wisely incorporating familiar things into the available space. Create a memoir or keepsake box with special mementos.

Assisted Living Expenses and Tax Deductions

When you decide to move into assisted housing, expenses and tax deductions are some of the areas of concern. Creating a realistic budget and outlining finance is essential for a smooth experience. Hiring a tax advisor with expertise in the senior care industry is wise because they can help you maximize your investment. It could be useful to review the following things about tax deductions before your meeting:

  • IRS Tax Publication 502: Outlines the dental and medical expenditure regulations and explains what constitutes medical care and financial conditions you must meet.
  • IRS Tax Publication 503: Similar to IRS tax publication 502, this section clarifies dependent care expenses and outlines which ones you can deduct for medical care.

Other Ways to Fund Your Stay at an Assisted Living Facility

It helps to learn about other programs that may help pay for your move to an assisted living community. This includes the following:

  • Long-term care insurance
  • Life-settlement funding
  • Aid and Attendance Benefits for veterans
  • Bridge loans to manage expenses when liquidating other assets

We Offer the Comfort of Home at Our Assisted Housing

The Holiday Retirement offers loving senior care and assisted living options with comfortable housing to help you manage your chores and live a stress-free life. We offer many amenities and activities to ensure you are happy and healthy. We also have skilled nursing facilities to provide the comfort of aging in place. Our staff will treat you with the dignity and love you deserve, cater to your needs, and ensure you enjoy your freedom without risking your health.

We host several activities to stimulate your physical and mental wellness, including the following:

  • Movie time
  • Games like Word Mining, Trivia, UNO, and Bingo
  • Stretching, exercise routines, and walking club
  • Sewing, cooking, and crafts
  • Birthday parties and ice cream socials
  • Holiday-themed activities

For more details about our assisted living community, talk to our specialists by calling 1-401-762-4226. You can also fill out our online application to book a tour of our assisted housing facility. We will ensure you experience a smooth transition into our community.

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