Moving a Couple to Assisted Living Will Prolong Life for Both Partners

Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility in Rhode Island

Elderly Man kissing his wife on a Couch in an assisted living facilityAre your parents finding it difficult to care for each other on account of failing health? Dealing with a partner’s dementia, disability or physically debilitating illness can be particularly stressful for the elderly. Moving them to our assisted living facility in Rhode Island as a couple could possibly help prolong their lives. We offer many care options based on each one’s needs. Your loved ones can continue living together as a couple while enjoying the daily care and support they need.

Advantages of Moving to Assisted Living

  • It reduces the burden on the elderly caregiver: In our experience, when a senior has to constantly care for their husband or wife, it can take a toll on their physical and mental well-being, even if they are otherwise healthy. Patients with infirmities or deteriorating mental abilities for instance, may require help with everything from medication management to routine tasks such as dressing, eating and using the toilet. Providing round-the-clock attention in addition to doing the shopping, cleaning, cooking and driving to doctor’s appointments can be exhausting and stressful as you get older. At an assisted living facility, elderly caregivers will enjoy professional help to look after their loved one as well as have the time to focus on their own needs and health.
  • It acts as a preventative measure: When burdened with the task of providing constant care in addition to fulfilling other daily responsibilities as they age, often it is the healthy partner’s condition that deteriorates at a much faster rate than what would otherwise happen. In some instances, being overwhelmed by their responsibilities may lead to an otherwise healthy but aging husband or wife getting injured or falling ill on account of all the  stress. In the worst case, the elderly caregiver may also face an untimely death. Knowing that their loved one will have professional support and care when they need it, takes away the stress while providing the caregiver with much needed respite.
  • It takes away the guilt an unwell partner feels: The person who is unwell can sometimes feel like a burden on their aging partner who is their caregiver. The stress could worsen their condition or make them more difficult to deal with. The professional care and support available in an assisted living facility helps ease the situation and eliminate this feeling of distress and guilt.
  • Aging siblings get the right care and support: Quite often, an aging senior may become the caregiver for a sister or brother who is also elderly and faced with an illness or disability. Moving into an assisted living facility will allow both siblings to stay together and the one who is unwell can get compassionate, professional care without the healthy sibling feeling stressed with the responsibility.  

Senior couple outdoors in a park sitting on a benchAt Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, your loved ones will enjoy quality of life. A wide range of services and amenities help cater to their requirements, helping them feel safe and well-cared for. Aging caregivers get the necessary respite and don’t feel overburdened anymore. Seniors that are ailing enjoy professional care and camaraderie which renews their zest for life and helps them keep better health.

Are you or a loved one feeling overwhelmed with trying to provide round-the-clock care for an aging, unwell partner? Come to our assisted living facility. Our friendly, caring staff assists our seniors with anything they need, enabling them to maintain a life of dignity and enjoy their golden years.

Give us a call at 401-762-4226 for more information or fill out our online form to book a tour.

Moving a sick couple can prolong the lives of both people. Find out more by contacting Wyndemere Wood Assisted Living home today at 401-762-4226.

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