Measures & Guidelines to Manage High Blood Pressure

Measures & Guidelines to Manage High Blood PressureManage High Blood Pressure


It is crucial to take care of your health as you get older because the body’s ability to deal with diseases and medical conditions reduces significantly. Similarly, it is also essential to control your blood pressure. You can achieve this by managing your dietary habits, lifestyle and exercise routine. The experts from our nursing home in Rhode Island have suggested the following measures to help manage high blood pressure:

  • Medication
    If you have high blood pressure, it is important to consult your doctor and learn what needs to be done. They can help you control it by determining the best course of treatment. If you have been prescribed medications, take them as directed. You could also set reminders to take your medicines on time.
  • Exercise
    Exercising every day can help manage your weight and control your blood pressure. This is because having an active lifestyle makes the heart stronger and helps it work more effectively by putting less strain on the arteries. You could also practice yoga and meditation for better results. Make it a habit and follow a specific routine daily to have lasting effects.
  • DASH Diet
    DASH refers to Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension and encourages you to include more grains, fruits, and vegetables in your daily diet. It also recommends lowering the consumption of fats and foods with high calories. In addition to this, it includes a specific quantity of meat, eggs, fish, sweets, legumes, and nuts that you can have during an entire week. Following this can help you control your blood pressure level significantly.
  • Lower Your Salt Intake
    Since high sodium contributes to the risk of heart disease, it is recommended to decrease the intake of salt to half of the quantity people usually have in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. According to studies and research, people with hypertension should not have more than 1,150 milligrams of salt a day. You could also benefit by reducing eating at restaurants and avoiding the consumption of pre-packaged foods.
  • Kick Bad Habits
    Drinking alcohol regularly and smoking cigarettes are two main factors for many heart diseases. Quit smoking and limit your drinking habit to a single glass occasionally. This can help control hypertension by taking stress off your heart.

We Take Good Care of the Members in Our Retirement Community

The Holiday Retirement’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Manville, Rhode Island is for people looking to recover after an illness or surgery. We have an efficient team to serve you with the dignity, compassion, and love that you deserve. We also have an in-house team of dedicated nursing staff and therapists to cater to your needs. We provide the following amenities:

  • Private and semi-private rooms according to your requirements
  • Comprehensive care planning
  • Individualized care
  • Regular physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • An activity and event room
  • A modern gym
  • Hair salon services
  • A personal laundry facility
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Flexible visiting hours

For more information about our nursing home in Worcester, you may get in touch with our specialists by calling 401-762-4226. You could also fill out our online form for more details and request a tour of our facility.

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