Everything About Maintaining Healthy Lungs as You Age

Everything About Maintaining Healthy Lungs as You AgeMaintaining Healthy Lungs in Your Senior Years


Did you know that seniors are more at risk of lung infections and breathing-related problems? This is because our lungs tend to become weaker as we age, contributing to a variety of chronic health conditions. Thus, if you want to enjoy your retirement, you must stay healthy and take good care of yourself. The experts in top senior living communities believe that taking proactive measures to maintain healthy lungs is essential.

If you are looking for the best places to retire in the USA, be sure to ask what facilities they have to keep active and fit. Read on to learn how to ensure your lungs are healthy in your senior years, so you know what to look for when considering your options for life after retirement.

The Effects of Aging on Your Lungs

  • Spine and Chest
    Since bones tend to get thinner as you age, the rib cage may not expand and contract as efficiently as it did previously. This can lower the oxygen and raise the level of carbon dioxide in the body, leading to shortness of breath or tiredness.
  • Lung Tissue
    The weakening of tissues and muscles around the airway structures may cause them to close too quickly. Also, the air sacs or alveoli inside the lungs can lose their shape and function less efficiently.
  • Nervous System
    Changes in the part of the brain that controls breathing may often lead to problems, causing you to retain too much carbon dioxide or breathe in less oxygen.
  • Immune System
    The immune system tends to weaken as you age, making it difficult for you to fight off lung infections or deal with exposure to smoke and other airborne substances.

5 Ways to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

  • Quit Smoking
    Smoking can cause severe damage to your lungs. It helps to talk to your doctor, ask about smoking cessation programs, and join health groups to quit the habit.
  • Exercise Regularly
    According to the experts in senior living communities, exercising for 30 minutes every day, at least five days a week, can help enhance your health. You may consider walking, swimming, gardening, and more. The aim is to work your lungs and heart, so they function efficiently.
  • Be Active
    Sitting for a long time or staying in bed for hours can increase the chances of lung diseases and infections, especially after surgery or when you are ill. It helps to exercise your muscles and stay active.
  • Avoid Pollution
    Minimize your exposure to pollution as much as possible. Be careful of indoor pollutants such as chemicals and second-hand smoke. Also, avoid exercising in areas where pollution levels are elevated, especially near high-traffic regions.
  • Prevent Infections
    Wash your hands often, avoid crowds during the flu season, get your vaccines regularly, and practice good oral hygiene to prevent lung diseases and infections.

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