Independent Living May be Perfect for Your Loved One

10 Signs it’s Time to Move to Our Retirement Residence in West Hartford

An old Lady holding a stick sitting to a senior manOur independent living facility in West Hartford offers freedom from maintaining a home and many other responsibilities that can tend to become overwhelming in your golden years. Our retirement residences are designed specifically for a comfortable senior lifestyle. They offer safe and secure living arrangements with help available on hand easily. You are free to pursue as independent a lifestyle as you choose.

Recognizing when it’s time to move to a senior home can help prevent an accident and provide the type of care you or an elderly loved one may require. Consisting of an apartment, our independent living facility provides a home environment without the responsibility of home maintenance or cooking.

Residents also have access to social activities, special events and holiday / birthday parties as well as amenities such as rosary services, exercise programs and 24 hour emergency services.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs that it’s time to move to a senior home:

  1. If you’re loved one has had any recent accidents or close calls such as falling down the stairs or out of bed
  2. If your loved one is dealing with a slow or painful recovery, and is in need of help to complete daily tasks or chores
  3. A chronic health condition that is getting worse
  4. Difficulty managing daily activities or tasks such as cooking, cleaning, getting dressed or taking medications on time
  5. Noticeable weight gain or loss, or strong body odor indicating neglect of personal hygiene
  6. Having troubles taking the right amount of medication, forgetting to take it altogether, or even mixing up incorrect medications.
  7. Days spent without leaving the home
  8. Time sensitive matters not being dealt with on time or at all, such as unopened bills and mail
  9. Stale, expired or no food at all. Multiple items of the same kind in the pantry or refrigerator could also be another sign that it is time to join our Independent Living Home.
  10. Clutter or untidy and unclean surroundings

Senior woman reading label on a medicine boxAt the Holiday Retirement Community in West Hartford, Connecticut, our residents feel like they are on a permanent vacation. They can retire in style with all the services and amenities they need and desire while their loved ones have peace of mind knowing they are well cared for. All our staff are well trained to cater to the health and safety requirements of each resident in our community. From fun activities, to healthy, fresh-every-day dining and tender, loving care, your loved ones are treated to everything they could wish for and more. Remember, it’s our family caring for yours!

Holiday Retirement Independent Living Community in West Hartford, Connecticut may be perfect for your loved one. Call 860-233-8208 for more information or fill out our online form to book a tour.

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