Importance of Brain Games for Seniors

Importance of Brain Games for SeniorsImportance of Brain Games for Seniors


It is a common belief that games which stimulate the brain can also help to combat many brain-related medical conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Read on to know the advantages of such games for seniors.

Benefits of Brain Games for the Elderly

The experts in our skilled nursing facility believe that engaging in activities that increase your learning ability can help improve the cognitive capacity and health of the brain. A mild challenge to the mind to learn new skills and easy games can enhance mental well-being and help have a positive attitude.

Types of Brain Games for the Elderly

Brain games for seniors are available in several formats from board games to those played on phones, tablets, and computers. You can also turn daily mundane activities into games, such as memorizing shopping lists, to make them interesting. Here are a few games to help improve your mental health:

  • Memory Games
    Memory games can help the brain to recall information. The card game of Match, electronic game of Simon, and Bop-It which requires you to use memory and follow directions are a few of the memory games that can help you focus on remembering and recalling things.
  • Word Games
    Word games typically include those where you are required to fill in missing words, find hidden ones and more. They can also be interactive. Hangman, Scrabble, Word Search, Crosswords are a few easy and engaging word games that you can play.
  • Board and Card Games
    Board and card games challenge you to use many tactics and strategies to anticipate the future moves, weigh the pros and cons of each, and plan yours accordingly. Chess, Checkers, Go Fish, and Solitaire are a few that require thinking, planning, and visualizing the consequences of each move.
  • Trivia Games
    Trivia games are similar to quizzes which require you to recall details, facts, and data related to a variety of topics such as history, geography, politics, movies, music, and more. Playing them also motivates you to memorize new pieces of information. 5-Second Rule and Trivial Pursuit are interactive and exciting games that encourage you to think quickly and act under time restraints.
  • Helpful Apps Games
    The best thing about mobile games is that you can play them anywhere and even when you are alone. Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy are a few that you can try playing. Senior-friendly versions with large texts and buttons are also available.

We Offer a Variety of Skilled Nursing Services for Seniors

At The Holiday Retirement, we have senior living communities including a skilled nursing facility in a beautiful location that is easily accessible. We also have a separate area designed to cater to our short-term residents. We provide the following amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for our members:

  • Private rooms
  • Physical and speech therapies
  • Comprehensive care with flexible visiting hours
  • Laundry services
  • A hair salon

We also conduct physical, social, and intellectual activities to challenge your mind and body, encourage interaction, and ensure your wellbeing. A few of them include:

  • Games such as Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune
  • Reminiscing groups
  • Sing-a-longs and name that tune
  • Book clubs
  • Current event discussions

If you have any questions about our facility or services, reach out to the representatives in our skilled nursing facility by calling 401-765-1440. You could also fill out our online form to book a tour and request a consultation. We are located in Manville RI.

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