Are Seniors More at Risk of COVID 19?

Are Seniors More at Risk of COVID 19?How to Prevent COVID-19 In Seniors


Even before COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), early data from China, the country where the outbreak first occurred, suggested that seniors were the most vulnerable to the disease. The experts from our senior living community in Hartford have put together this guide to help you understand about COVID-19. Read on to learn the reasons why, as an older adult, you may be more likely to be affected by it and how you can avoid being infected by the coronavirus.

Reasons Why Seniors are More at Risk

  • Reduced Immunity
    It is a well-established fact that the immune function tends to decline with age, making you more susceptible to illness and disease. This is why your body may have a hard time fighting off COVID-19 once you come in contact with the virus.
  • Higher Prevalence of the Chronic Disease
    Most seniors have pre-existing medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, and more. Such illnesses tend to degrade the organs, making you more vulnerable to infections such as COVID-19. According to the specialists in our senior community, this is the primary reason why the fatality rate in older adults is high when it comes to this global pandemic.
  • Social Factors
    The way your society treats you also plays a significant role in the risk of diseases such as the COVID-19. This is because it directly affects your mental health, which in turn has an impact on your physical strength and immunity. If you are suffering from depression or loneliness, you may be more likely to be affected by the coronavirus.

4 Effective Ways to Prevent COVID-19

  • Wash Your Hands Properly
    The health experts in our senior community recommend washing your hands regularly for about 20 seconds to eliminate germs. Use water and soap or an alcohol-based rub. It is an excellent preventive hygiene measure that can help you stay healthy.
  • Practice Social Distancing
    Be sure to stay indoors and avoid venturing outside if not necessary. Also, avoid close contact and keep a safe distance from other people. Use a mask to cover your nose and mouth, if required.
  • Consult Your Doctor Immediately
    If you develop any symptoms of the disease, including difficulty in breathing, cough, tiredness, or fever, be sure to consult your doctor. Do not be afraid to ask for help because on-time assistance can help save you and others around you.
  • Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle
    Eat a well-balanced diet, and make sure you have nutrient-rich meals. Also, drink plenty of water daily and avoid touching your face. Ensure your body gets regular exercise and stay active.

The Holiday Retirement’s Policies to Combat COVID-19

The Holiday Retirement is a reputable community offering excellent senior living facilities in Hartford. We understand the importance of being proactive, which is why we have implemented a ‘No Visitor’ policy. We have friendly staff to help our residents stay in contact with their loved ones through digital means. We will ensure that they are safe and healthy.

For more details about our COVID-19 policy, feel free to visit our Facebook page. If you have any further questions about our senior living options and community, please call us at 860-337-6023. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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