How Much Does Independent Living Actually Cost?

How Much Does Independent Living Actually Cost?Independent Living


Most seniors look forward to retirement because they consider it the right time to enjoy life with trips abroad and rediscovering hobbies. However, the later years can be challenging if you are not adequately prepared, especially if you have health conditions that require professional assistance. Moreover, managing household chores and other tasks may become difficult. Much of your budget must be dedicated to hired services like lawn care. The cost of upkeep can limit your retirement plans. This is where independent living communities can help.

Shifting to a senior living facility can be a significant transition. You may feel overwhelmed by the fees and amenities available when looking for the right one that meets your needs. Read on to learn how much moving into a senior living facility costs and how to manage it so responsibilities do not burden you in your 60s.

What is an Independent Living Community?

An independent living facility is a residential setting for older adults who desire an active, maintenance-free lifestyle. These communities offer many housing options, from studio apartments to one or two-bedroom units, allowing you to choose the arrangement that best suits your needs. One of the primary advantages of independent living is the opportunity to live among peers and engage in a vibrant social community while enjoying the privacy of individual residences.

Are Independent Living Communities Expensive?

Cost is often a significant consideration when exploring senior living options. However, independent living communities can be more affordable than many people realize. While specific costs vary based on location, amenities, and services provided, it is generally priced competitively compared to other senior housing options.

How Much Does Independent Living Cost?

Determining the cost of independent living depends on several factors as follows:

Type of Independent Living Community

A facility’s range of services, amenities, and accommodation options significantly impacts its cost. Luxurious communities with extensive amenities may have higher monthly fees than more modestly equipped ones.


Geographic location plays a vital role in pricing. Independent living communities in metropolitan areas or desirable neighborhoods may have higher costs due to property values and proximity to amenities and healthcare facilities.

Amenities and Services Included in Independent Living

The extent and quality of services and facilities provided vary among communities. Factors such as housekeeping, maintenance, meals, transportation services, wellness programs, and access to on-site amenities can influence the overall cost.

Inclusions in Independent Living’s Average Monthly Costs

Understanding what is included in the average monthly cost of independent living helps to assess its value and compare different communities. Here are some standard inclusions:

Living Spaces

Spacious floor plans, including one or two-bedroom apartments and studios, offer comfort and independence, with options for individual preferences. The ones with high-end features are often expensive.


Monthly fees typically cover essential utilities such as electricity, water, and trash services, providing convenience and ease of budgeting.

Access to On-Site Amenities

Many independent living communities offer a range of on-site amenities, such as beauty salons, fitness centers, swimming pools, libraries, and more. These conveniences contribute to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle, providing opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and personal enrichment without the need to travel outside the community.


Independent living communities provide nutritious, chef-prepared meals in a comfortable dining room. The delicious food and the setting contribute towards fostering a sense of community and making dining a social and enjoyable experience.


Independent living communities prioritize the well-being of their residents, often providing easy access to medical professionals and healthcare services. They offer a safe and secure environment with readily available medical care. This ensures you peace of mind knowing that assistance is readily available if the need arises.

Wellness Programs

Senior-friendly fitness activities and programs cater to your specific needs and preferences. They encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, ensuring you are physically and mentally fit in your later years.

Maintenance Services

Independent living communities take care of the daily tasks by offering regular housekeeping, upkeep, and groundskeeping services. This way, you can enjoy life without stressing about household chores.


Independent living communities often provide transportation services for appointments, errands, and other outings. This enables you to stay independent and connected with the broader community.


Engaging in social programs and recreational opportunities ensure you can pursue your interests and forge meaningful connections with fellow community members.

Comparing the Cost of Independent Living & Aging in Place

Evaluating the costs associated with aging in place is essential when considering independent living. While the latter allows you to remain in your home, it often requires ongoing expenses and potential modifications for safety and accessibility. These costs may include home modifications, in-home care services, utility bills, property taxes, and more. On the other hand, independent living communities bundle many of these costs into a single monthly fee, offering a predictable and comprehensive financial arrangement.

Here is a comparison of the cost factors between independent living and aging in place:

Cost FactorsIndependent LivingAging in Place
MaintenanceIt is included in the monthly fees.You will incur ongoing costs for repairs, upkeep, and renovations.
HealthcareYou can access on-site medical care, wellness programs, and emergency response systems.You are responsible for healthcare expenses and potential modifications for aging-related needs.
Utility BillsIt is typically included in monthly fees.Electricity, water, and heating/cooling utilities are your responsibility.
MealsChef-prepared meals are served in a dining room, often included in monthly fees.You are responsible for grocery shopping and meal preparation.
TransportationThe community provides services for running errands, appointments, and outings.You must bear private vehicle costs and public transportation fares or rely on family and friends for transportation needs.
Safety & SecurityCommunity fees include on-site security measures and emergency response systems.Home security systems are your responsibility.
Social ActivitiesYou can enjoy living in an excellent facility with organized social activities and events included in monthly fees.You need to seek out social engagements and pay for entertainment and recreational activities.

How to Pay for Independent Living Facilities

Understanding the available payment options is crucial when considering independent living. Here are some common ways to cover the costs:

  • Personal Savings: You can assess your financial situation and use personal savings or retirement funds to finance your independent living expenses.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: If you have this insurance policy, review the coverage to see if it includes independent living.
  • Sale of a Home: If you own a home, selling it can provide a significant source of funds to cover independent living costs. This option allows you to meet your financial obligations.
  • Veterans Benefits: You and your spouse may qualify for specific benefits, such as the Aid and Attendance Pension, if you are a veteran. This can provide financial assistance for senior living expenses.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): SSI is a needs-based program administered by the Social Security Administration. Being eligible allows you to receive financial assistance to cover independent living costs.
  • Family Support: Family members may provide financial aid to cover the senior living costs.

Enjoy Independent Living at The Holiday Retirement

The Holiday Retirement is the best choice if you want to embrace a vibrant, worry-free lifestyle in an independent living community. Our premier senior living facility is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for older adults. Our independent living community offers a wide range of amenities, personalized care options, and engaging social activities, ensuring you can live life to the fullest. You can experience the comfort of spacious apartments, enjoy delicious and nutritious meals, and explore exciting activities tailored to your interests.

For further information about our independent living community in West Hartford, including the fees, amenities, inclusions, and payment options, contact us at 1-860-233-8202. You can also tour our facility to understand how we can help you.

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